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Collar de adiestramiento para perros T503: recargable, resistente al agua IPX7, alcance de 1500 pies (500 yardas)

  • 1 juego de perros
  • Receptor adicional
  • Envío gratuito a nivel mundial

  • 1 año de garantía

  • Devoluciones de 30 días

Descripción del Producto

El Collar de adiestramiento remoto para perros T503 es un collar electrónico impermeable para perros de última generación, diseñado para agilizar la técnica de adiestramiento canino. Como collar de choque para adiestramiento de perros , ofrece una combinación de funciones electrónicas modernas con métodos de adiestramiento tradicionales, lo que garantiza que los dueños y adiestradores de mascotas tengan a su disposición un dispositivo confiable controlado a distancia. Este collar no sirve solo para corregir, sino también para garantizar la seguridad y comodidad de su amigo peludo.

Características clave del producto:

  1. Diseño recargable: Diga adiós a la búsqueda constante de baterías. El T503 viene con una función recargable, lo que garantiza que sus sesiones de entrenamiento nunca se vean interrumpidas. El sistema de carga magnética simplifica aún más el proceso, haciéndolo fácil de usar.
  2. Control inalámbrico extendido: Con un extraordinario alcance de 500 yardas, este dispositivo de entrenamiento garantiza que usted mantenga el control, incluso cuando su perro esté explorando los rincones más lejanos del parque. Se trata de garantizar un comportamiento coherente, ya sea cerca o lejos.
  3. Durabilidad a prueba de agua IPX7: llueva o haga sol, su entrenamiento no tiene por qué detenerse. Con una clasificación de impermeabilidad IPX7, este collar electrónico promete confiabilidad incluso en condiciones de humedad. Ya sea un chapuzón en la playa o un aguacero inesperado, el T503 lo tiene cubierto.
  4. Carga magnética: No más problemas con puertos y cables. El sistema de carga magnética del collar garantiza una carga rápida, segura y eficiente en todo momento, preparando su collar para la siguiente sesión de entrenamiento.
  5. Modos de entrenamiento personalizables: cada perro es único y el T503 lo reconoce. Al ofrecer niveles ajustables de sonido, vibración y estimulación estática, permite a los entrenadores ajustar la intensidad de la corrección. Ya sea un suave empujón o un recordatorio más asertivo, puedes adaptar la respuesta del collar al comportamiento y temperamento de tu perro.

Con el T503, no solo obtendrá una herramienta de capacitación; está invirtiendo en una solución integral que prioriza el bienestar de su perro y al mismo tiempo garantiza una corrección eficaz del comportamiento.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Great product

This is exactly what we needed, and it's very affordable. I appreciate that it works effectively even when we're a distance away. Plus, the battery life is impressively long.

I've tested it on myself. WORKS!

It works quite well, but I didn't use my dogs as guinea pigs for testing—I tested it on myself! LOL. Just be cautious when doing so :) Once I put it on the dog, it performed really well.

Joshua Ward

so far, so good

So far so good.

The T503 dog training collar has made a noticeable difference to my Labrador's behaviour. The adjustable stimulation levels provide effective training without causing harm, which I really appreciate. The magnetic charging is convenient and the quality of the collar is excellent. Thank you very much!

Benjamin Wright

The T503 dog training collar has worked well for my Shih Tzu, Luna. The 500 yard range is practical for our needs. I like that it is waterproof. However, we have noticed that it is not as effective when our puppy is stubborn. Also, we encountered some minor problems with the delivery.


Not bad.

Nice product for the nice price, I didn't regret of this purchase.

As German Shepherd owners, these devices were a must-have. The rechargeable function saves us the hassle of changing batteries, and the waterproof design is a must for our active dogs.

Helps to deal with my stubborn dog

We have a Pit Bull and this product works truly good on him. He was sooo stubborn, but this product helps us a lot. It grabs my Pit Bull's attention and helps me to control him.


For our two lab pups, we decided to purchase this collar set. Sadie responds to voice commands about 90% of the time, while Sasha tends to be more defiant. When called, Sasha would gaze at us defiantly and refuse to respond. Nonetheless, the features we like about this collar set are the tone/vibrate/shock options and the ability to adjust settings independently for both collars.
With Sadie, the tone is sufficient to bring her back right away. However, we noticed that Sasha occasionally requires the buzz to get her attention. Surprisingly, we discovered that holding down the tone button also prompts her to respond. The fact that this collar set is rechargeable and holds a charge for several days is a big plus. Its range is good and covers our large 1.5-acre yard with ease.
The buttons are user-friendly, and the design fits comfortably in hand. Although I've used more expensive training collars for hunting dogs, this one suits our needs perfectly for everyday use around the house and during camping trips. I wouldn't recommend it for hunting or sporting events, as it serves primarily as an obedience tool, and it excels in that regard.
We've found that the tone feature also works effectively in stopping misbehavior. If the dogs are acting up, a simple push of the button brings a swift end to their mischievous behavior. Overall, this purchase has been excellent for our training needs, and we are very satisfied with it.

Riley Coleman
Some pros and cons

As someone who has purchased three of these in the past, I must say that I am truly impressed with this latest one. The previous ones failed within a few months to six months, but so far, this one is working just fine.


-Adjustable shock levels: The Pawious Dog Shock Collar offers adjustable shock levels, allowing pet owners to tailor the collar to their pet's specific needs. With 16 levels of static stimulation, you can easily choose the intensity that suits your dog's behavior and size.
-Waterproof: A major advantage of this collar is its waterproof design, ensuring that it remains undamaged even if your dog takes a swim or gets caught in the rain. This durability is especially beneficial for pet owners living in areas with frequent rainfall or for active dogs who enjoy water play.
-Long-lasting battery life: The Pawious Dog Shock Collar boasts an impressive battery life that can last up to 15 days on a single charge. This feature is excellent for pet owners who prefer not to worry about frequent collar recharging.


-May be too harsh for some dogs: While the collar's shock levels are adjustable, some pet owners may find even the lowest setting too harsh for their dog. It is vital to use the collar responsibly and only when necessary.
-Limited range: With a range of 1000 feet, the Pawious Dog Shock Collar may not be sufficient for pet owners with large yards or those residing in rural areas. For such scenarios, considering a collar with a longer range is advisable.
-May not work on all dogs: Some dogs may not respond well to the shock collar, rendering it ineffective as a training tool for them. Pet owners should explore alternative training methods if they find the shock collar not yielding the desired results for their dog.

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