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Aceite de cáñamo para perros y gatos - USDA orgánico, botella grande de 2 oz, fabricado en EE. UU. - Omega 3, 6 y 9, vitaminas A y E - Soporte para cadera y articulaciones

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Descripción del Producto

  • 【Fórmula altamente concentrada】: fabricada en EE. UU. a partir de extracto de cáñamo orgánico para respaldar la comodidad general y la buena salud, mejorar la concentración y la claridad, reducir las convulsiones y los problemas del sistema digestivo.
  • 【Alivio del dolor】: este aceite de cáñamo para mascotas seguramente liberará cualquier dolor crónico o dolor de artritis envejecido de las mascotas y tiene un efecto antiinflamatorio. Este aceite de cáñamo para perros y gatos promueve la movilidad y la relajación de las articulaciones y puede ayudar a las mascotas a mantenerse activas y vivir una vida feliz.
  • Calmante y calman la ansiedad: nuestro aceite de cáñamo para perros ayuda a calmar la ansiedad por separación, el estrés, las náuseas, reducir las convulsiones y mucho más. Este suplemento de aceite de semilla de cáñamo promueve la relajación de las mascotas que temen los ruidos fuertes mientras duermen.
  • 【Rico en vitamina A + E】- en sinergia con otros nutrientes curativos, promueve la movilidad de las articulaciones, la curación de lesiones, el apoyo al sistema inmunológico, la piel sana y el pelaje brillante, y fortalece los nervios y músculos.
  • 【Ácidos grasos omega 3, 6 y 9】- son parte necesaria de la dieta ya que el cuerpo de la mascota no los produce de forma natural. Los ácidos grasos y los antioxidantes son esenciales para la salud de la piel, los ojos y el corazón, el crecimiento, la función inmune y el alivio del dolor crónico y la artritis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 153 reviews
Tony B

I wasn’t confident about it. My dog has high anxiety when I trim his nails but this stuff really calms him down and allows me to trim them quickly. Thank you!

Super good for pain relief

I have been using CBD for pets for several years for pain relief. Then, my regular supplier ran out of stock. I tried this Hemp Oil for Pets. And it works! Thank you!

Tom Patel
My dogs are best friends now lol

When my dogs get to arguing with each other it calms their nerves and they love on each other.

I've noticed a huge improvement after using this oil!

My dog had a joint replacement surgery, and after the operation he has a bad mood and appetite. The vet said the tests were fine and prescribed vitamins and hemp oil. So, I was looking for the best possible option for my dog and decided to choose this oil based on numerous reviews from happy customers. This oil works amazingly well. Now, my dog's mood is much better. I added it to my dog's daily diet and hope to continue to improve my dog's overall health.

It calms my dog

My dog Mira was rescued from a shelter and when I saw her, she was locked in a small cage and looked so timid, shivering and hiding in the corner. When she first came to our home, she was very scared. She had this feeling for about 2 weeks. So we decided to find something to help her calm down and we tried this hemp oil. It works! We noticed that she became less stressed and the anxiety disappeared. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Liam Johnson
Nice product!

I have a 16-year-old Yorkie who can't see. It's difficult to comfort her at night, but this helps at night. Makes her sleep all night without any kind of discomfort

Olivia S
Now, my gog is running again! I am shocked!

I bought this hemp oil for my 3-year-old Labrador. She has joint pain and is a bit slow. It eases her pain and gives her some relief. I add 2-3 drops to her food, 3 times a day. She seems to be feeling much better now and is running around like a puppy again. I was so surprised to see her running.

Love it!

My elderly dog has been suffering from joint pain for several years now, his front legs and hips hurt so badly that he walks very slowly. And, unfortunately, the use of veterinary drugs and painkillers has not had much effect. I accidentally noticed that hemp oil helps with pain, so I decided to use this hemp oil. After a while, I can tell that his pain has decreased because he runs to the front door when someone knocks on the door.

No more seizures

It works. Seizures stopped

w. 1909

I can easily put it in dog`s food. Convenient

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