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Masticables para cadera y articulaciones para perros - Glucosamina para perros - Alivio del dolor en las articulaciones del perro - Condroitina, MSM, cúrcuma, golosinas de cáñamo - Mordeduras de movilidad

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Descripción del Producto

  • 【Soporte completo para caderas y articulaciones】 Regale a su amado cachorro una movilidad sin dolor con nuestros masticables para caderas y articulaciones con infusión de cáñamo y cúrcuma para perros. Repleto de glucosamina natural, condroitina, MSM, vitamina C y ácido hialurónico, este suplemento para las articulaciones del perro brinda un apoyo integral para la salud de las articulaciones.
  • 【Alivio del dolor en las articulaciones】 Nuestra glucosamina para perros está diseñada por expertos para aliviar el dolor y la rigidez de las articulaciones, garantizando que su perro se mueva con comodidad y facilidad. Experimente la diferencia con nuestros ingredientes premium, incluido el aceite de cáñamo, la cúrcuma y la condroitina glucosamina para perros.
  • 【Adecuado para todos los perros】 Ya sea que tenga un cachorro joven o un perro mayor sabio, de raza pequeña o grande, nuestro suplemento de apoyo para las articulaciones es perfecto para mascotas de todas las edades.
  • 【Fácil y conveniente】 Diga adiós a los problemas con pastillas, cápsulas o polvos. Cada frasco contiene 120 sabrosos masticables para la salud de las articulaciones, que ofrecen un suministro de 1 a 4 meses, dependiendo del tamaño de su perro.
  • 【Fabricado en los EE. UU.】 Estamos orgullosos de producir nuestro suplemento para aliviar el dolor de la artritis en perros en los EE. UU., cumpliendo con los más altos estándares de fabricación. Puede confiar en la calidad y seguridad de nuestro producto, sin OGM, rellenos artificiales ni azúcar agregada.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Owen Barnes
Nice smell, nice taste. I see the difference in my dog's behaviour.

game-changer! My retriever, loves the taste. Within weeks, I've noticed an improvement in his mobility. He can play with our younger dog now. They have a new hobby to cgase each other. Lol. Highly recommend!!!

Levi Rich
soo good

These chews have worked ! My poodle's much more active and seems happier.

Colton R

Seems as a good product. Good smell. But, I haven't seen the result yet.

Amelia Howard
So far, so good

It gives relief for my pups.

Seems as a good treat

Seems that they have a good taste

Xavier Nguyen
I was shocked! It actually works! Now, my pups are active as they were young

Both of my dogs are 14-plus years old. One uses a ramp to access indoors, while the other relies on steps. Both were struggling to get inside, and one occasionally limped. After about a week (with both receiving 2 chews a day), they began moving like they were a decade younger. I was astonished by their response to this product, and both seem to relish the taste. Since one of them has only a few teeth, the soft texture of the chews makes it easy for him to eat. I plan to keep purchasing these chews until they transition. This product is truly excellent

Hazel Olsen
Me and my dog adore this product

In the mornings, my dog used to seem stiff, but these chews have noticeably improved her condition. As soon as this box finishes, I am going to purchase a new one

Caleb McPherson
Seems as my dog likes the taste. And they work. However, it takes time to see the improvement.

These chews serve as a treat for my dog because he enjoys their taste. I've noticed a slight improvement in his movement as well. Thanks!

the Warners
My dog is more energetic thanks to them

We adopted a dog who suffered severe abuse in her previous home. She couldn't run, was in pain, and was limping frequently, even though she's not yet a year old. The vet diagnosed her with developing severe arthritis from her past mistreatment. We decided to try these chews as extra support. She adores them and appears to be more active now.

Brandon Ortiz
Not bad, work as advertised

I wasn't a fan of having my dog on Rimadyl for his joints, so I decided to give these a try. They seem to do an alright job, but I'm considering trying a different brand next time. I wish they made these in larger treats so I wouldn't have to give my dog five at once.

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