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How to teach your dog to give a high five

September 20, 2023 0 comments

Your dog already knows a lot of commands, or doesn't know any at all. In any case, we are confident that after reading this article, your pet will learn to give you a high five, because it's quite simple. Just a few easy steps and your pet has a new cool skill. And most importantly, it doesn't take much time. Sounds good?

How to teach your dog to give a high five


Make sure that there are no distractions, because it plays a significant role in training. By the way, it influences your success and makes this process less time-consuming. Therefore, the best place to train is inside your house or apartment. We recommend the training in your house or flat because the dog feels most comfortable at home where everything is well-known and safe. It would be better if the room has enough space and is not cramped because we may need some space to move. However, it is not a vital factor in training. And last, but not least, don't forget your dog’s favorite treats. 

5 steps to high five 

After everything is prepared and you are eager to start the training, please follow these simple 5 steps to get a smooth and fast result. 

Step 1. Hold the dog's treat in a clenched fist. Show the clenched to your dog. Let him or her sniff and lick your hand. By doing such actions, your pup is trying to show you that he or she understands there is a tasty treat inside your clenched. However, it is very important do not open your fist and do not give in to your dog's entreaties and whining. The result that you should achieve is that your dog touches your hand with his or her paw.

Step 2. As soon as your dog touches your hand and the previous result has been achieved, give your furry friend a treat and either use a clicker to mark the action or say "yes". And your dog will realize that he or she is doing the right thing if they want to get trearts.

Step 3. Continue doing this a few times. Repeat it at least 10-15 times. Then, mark the action by saying "high five".  

Step 4. Repeat such action with the new mark 10-15 times. Once your dog has mastered this, you will notice that. The dog no longer sniffs, but immediately puts his or her paw on the fist with the dog treat. This indicates that you need to change the position of your hand with their paw. Repeat this until your dog meets your hand with his paw every time.

Step 5. Now, repeat this new skill without a treat, but don’t forget to say "high five". Additionally, don’t forget to show off your hard work. Congratulation, your pup has a new skill! 

How to teach your dog to give a high five

This trick isn’t just looking incredibly cute and great, but also creates a special connection between the owner and the dog. Hence, it is not just about showing off, it is also about comfort and improvement of the relationship. This will help to understand your dog better and it will help your dog to trust you more. How the simple "high five" command can create such a big deal. The answer is simple. This happens thanks to the tactile communication, which plays a key role in teaching this new trick. Training your dog increases the bond between you and keeps your four-legged friend mentally stimulated. 

By the way, if you have decided to teach your dog a new "high five" command and you have already followed 5 simple steps above, be sure that your next visit to the vet or groomer will be much easier. The reason for this statement is that your dog has already been accustomed to    the fact of touchment his or her paw. So, the attempts to pull out the paw and the discomfort for the pet should disappear.

Thus, you get not only a cool command but also many advantages and positive consequence.

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