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Dog Training E-Collar with Remote T200 White - IPX68 Waterproof, 1000ft Range

  • 1 Dog Set
  • 2 Dog Set
  • Additional Receiver
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  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 30-Day Returns


Long Range - up to 1000ft

Long-range wireless remote works from up to 1,000 feet away

Works for Multiple Dogs

1 Remote connects up to three collars at the same time (additional collars sold separately). Simply choose the dog you want to send the warning.

3 Training Modes

This remote collar for dogs offers a choice between three types of stimulation—sound, vibration, and static feedback. With a range of signal strengths, you can start with a gentle correction and gradually increase to determine which method your canine responds to optimally.

1Supports up to 3 Dogs
Train up to 3 dogs using 1 remote. Just buy an extra collar for every additional dog. Easy switch between dogs to send the warning to the dog you want.
2Strap Size 5-24in
This device is tailored for dogs weighing between 8–120 pounds and over 6 months age. The strap can be adjusted from minimal 5in to maximal 24in.
3 Safety locker
Use the safety lock to disable the remote between training sessions and help prevent accidental stimulation.

Product Description

Train your canine using the innovative technique of the T200 Waterproof Remote Dog Training Collar. This electronic training device offers three types of stimulation—sound, vibration, and static, allowing you to employ the most effective correction method tailored to your dog's behavior. With varying signal strengths, you can initiate with a gentle nudge and gauge the best response from your pet. The remote-controlled collar comes with a transmitter that boasts a range of up to 1,000 feet, and it can seamlessly connect to three collars simultaneously (additional collars sold separately).

The collar is designed for wireless charging, becoming fully charged in as little as two hours. This ensures your training sessions are uninterrupted, and you're always ready to guide your dog towards better behavior. Moreover, the water-resistant design of this electric shock collar for dogs ensures your furry friend's safety, whether they're playing at the beach, lounging by the pool, or out on a rainy day. It's an ideal fit for dogs weighing between 8–120 pounds.

Key Features:

  • Training Modes: Choose from three levels of sound, eight levels of vibration, and sixteen levels of safe static stimulation to find the perfect correction technique for your dog.
  • Extended Range: The long-range wireless remote ensures you maintain control, even from up to 1,000 feet away, and can connect to three training collars at once (additional collars sold separately).
  • Durability: The collar's water-resistant design ensures it's safe to wear in various weather conditions and outdoor activities.
  • Battery Life: Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging. A two-hour charge provides up to 15 days of use, ensuring your canine trainer sessions are consistent and effective.
  • Safety Features: A safety lock is integrated to disable the remote between training sessions, preventing any accidental stimulation.

Free Shipping, 8-12 days.

In the Box

  • Remote

    Remote Controller

  • Receiver

    1 Receiver or more depending on the set

  • Instruction

    User Manual

  • Accesories

    Charger, contact points and covers, test light

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Gabriel Evans
Great product.

This training collar is perfect! It's easy to charge and works exceptionally well, especially just using the vibrate function. After a few weeks of training, I find that simply having the remote in my hand is enough to prompt the desired behavior from my dog.

Lily Ortiz
Thank you!

This collar works amazingly well! I have a large dog that had gotten into the routine of running out to greet cars driving down our gravel road. This collar was perfect for correcting that behavior and keeping my dog safely in the yard. I highly recommend it!


This Dog Training Collar with Remote has revolutionized my approach to training my dogs offering unparalleled convenience, versatility, and effectiveness. With an impressive range and a waterproof design, this collar stands out as the ultimate tool for instilling obedience and reinforcing positive behaviors. Truly appreciate the product and services that Pawious offers!

Zoey Torres
My best purchase.

I am extremely satisfied with the T200 Dog Training Collar with Remote. It's a dependable, efficient, and humane device for training and encouraging desired behaviors. Whether you're an experienced trainer or a new dog owner, this collar is guaranteed to surpass your expectations. I wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone seeking to enhance their dog's obedience and foster a stronger bond between owner and pet.

Isabella Young

I appreciate the affordability compared to other brands. It is a huge pluse. Our dog's behavior has improved significantly, and we couldn't be happier.

Joseph Lee
I like the design, it fits good and it works!

This collar offers excellent results at a great price. Our pup, Candy, is calmer and better behaved, thanks to this collar.

This collar is a true life changer.

We are extremely satisfied with the T200 dog training collar. The adjustable intensity level ensures a humane approach to training. The remote control is impressive and works smoothly even from a distance. This collar provides excellent results.

Andrew J.
It works

This dog training collar has proven to be effective for our husky. The only disadvantage we have encountered is that it is not as effective in the most stubborn moments. Nevertheless, a reliable training collar.

Abigail White
Not bad

As Shih Tzu owners, we were looking for a solution to their behaviour. These collars have yielded positive results. The adjustable intensity level allowed us to modify the training to suit their different personalities. The only thing that bothered us was a small problem with the delivery. However, the customer team supported us.

Christopher T

Not bad. Works.

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