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Dog Training E-Collar T720 for Hunting - 3300ft Range, IPX68 Waterproof, LED Mode

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Product Description

The Dog Training Collar T720 is a remote-controlled electronic device designed to be a versatile and reliable dog shock collar. With its four different training modes—sound, vibration, shock, and LED—you have the flexibility to tailor the training experience using the right behavior technique to your dog's specific needs. Whether you're looking to reinforce commands, deter unwanted barking, or improve obedience, this hunting dog e-collar provides the necessary features for effective correction.

The T720 comes with a wireless remote that offers an impressive range of up to 3,300 feet in open areas, ensuring optimal control. This means you can easily communicate with your pup, even from a distance. Whether you're at the park or in the backyard, you, as the canine trainer, will have full control over your dog's training sessions.

With an extended battery life, both the collar and the transmitter ensure long-lasting performance. The collar can be fully charged and ready for use in just 180 days, while the transmitter lasts up to 40 days on a single charge. Say goodbye to frequent recharging and enjoy uninterrupted training sessions with your furry friend, ensuring safety throughout.

Designed with durability and visibility in mind, the Dog Training Collar T720 features a robust construction using reflective nylon webbing. It is built to withstand the rigors of training and outdoor adventures. Suitable for dogs weighing up to 110 lbs with a neck size of up to 22 inches, this collar ensures a comfortable and secure fit.

In addition to its individual features, the T720 also offers the convenience of supporting up to three dogs simultaneously. This is particularly useful for multi-dog households, allowing you to train multiple dogs with a single remote control.

Enhance your training efforts with the Dog Training Collar T720 and enjoy the benefits of customizable modes, long-range communication, extended battery life, durability, and multi-dog compatibility. Train your furry companion with confidence and achieve the desired behavior and obedience outcomes.

Key Product Features: 

Three Training Modes: Customize your dog's training experience with sound, vibration, shock, and LED modes. Long-range Remote Control: Reach your dog even when they are up to 3,300 feet away in open areas. 

Extended Battery Life: Enjoy up to 180 days of collar usage and 40 days of transmitter usage on a single charge. 

Durable and Reflective Design: Constructed with sturdy reflective nylon webbing, suitable for dogs up to 110 lbs and neck sizes up to 22 inches. 

Multi-Dog Compatibility: Train up to three dogs simultaneously, ideal for multi-dog households. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I do appreciate the battery life

This collar have been fantastic. The battery life is truly remarkable. Unlike others we've tried, which would go into "sleep" mode after a period of inactivity and require resetting, this collar stays active and maintains a long charge life. I appreciate not having to recharge the collar every night.

Matthew Nguyen
Works so far

I've been searching for a good dog training collar, and I'll update my review after further testing with this item. So far, the features seem easy to use, and the response with my dogs has been good.

Love this collar!

This collar has really impressed me. The range of up to 3300 feet is exceptional for our outdoor activities and the waterproof design is perfect for my German Shepherd. Most impressive is the battery life of up to 180 days. This collar is durable, comfortable and stylish. I am delighted with my purchase!!!

William Taylor
Great job!

The T720 dog training collar has made a difference to our two active dogs. The waterproof design and sturdy construction are perfect for their energetic natures. The inclusion of sound, vibration, shock and LED modes has proven to be effective in their training. The battery life and the ability to train multiple dogs at the same time are great advantages. Overall, highly recommended; a 5-star product!

It works perfectly.

I have a Pointer. This device has a really impressive battery life and a user-friendly design. I love its usefulness and the price is quite affordable. This product definitely worth your money and time.

Jack M.
I like this product , but I wish the area wold be 3300 feet as promised

As I noticed, the range, which should be up to 3300 feet, is actually less. Perhaps because of the obstacles in my area. Overall, it's a great device except for this small downside

Scarlett Martin
I am fully sattisfied.

This collar saved my quiet life. I love the range, the battery life, the design. This collar offers excellent value for money.

Works for our dog


Jackson Henderson

Not bad, works.

Zoey Edwards
Improves our walking time

I have 2 australian shepards. It was impossible to walk around with my dogs till I have found these collars. Thank you!!

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