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The best solution for dog owners.

The F900 GPS collars have truly transformed the way I manage my dogs' safety. Setting up the system wasn’t as complicated as I thought. NO digging, No wires to bury. The real-time distance monitoring is smth that I DO appreciate about this model. Overall, HIGHLY recommend!

Truly good value! Appreciate it!

As an outdoor family, we love exploring new trails and camping in the wilderness.

However, keeping our furry trio safe while on these adventures became a concern.

That's why our dad, a nature photographer, decided to buy in the F900 Plus GPS collars.

With its reliable boundary control and real-time distance monitoring, they can now embark on their outdoor escapades without any worries, knowing our pets are safe and sound.

Highly recommend it to any outdoor-loving family with multiple canine companions!

Freedom and security combined! Wow!

I've been using the F900 GPS collars for a couple of days now, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

My two adventurous pups can roam around our property freely while staying safe within the boundaries I've set up.

The system's accuracy is impressive, and I love that I can monitor their distance in real-time, especially when they get a bit too curious 🤓

Setup was an easy, and the waterproof collars are sturdy enough to withstand the rainy days. Have already checked 😉

The best purchase !

We have three dogs, Bella, Charlie, and Daisy, who bring immense joy to our lives. My wife is a busy attorney, and I am a dedicated doctor, often find ourselves occupied with work, leaving little time to supervise our furry trio. Concerned about our safety, we sought a solution that would provide reliable containment without the hassle of traditional fencing. That's when we discovered the F900 Plus GPS collars. And we didn't regret!!

Solution for dog owners

I would like to share my experience with the F900 Plus GPS collars. With two dogs - Candy and Coop. I have returned to my online job recently. So, I cannot spend so much time with our pups. My husband bought these collars. It took some time to figure out how to set up them. The additional forbidden area mode is a great bonus, helping us keep them out of our children’s bedrooms. Highly recommend it to any dog parent looking for a reliable containment system.

Nice price!

I appreciate this price for such a good quality! Works pretty well for my area

Lifesaver for busy dog parents

i have 3 dogs - max, lily, and cooper - managing their safety has always been my priority. i have a small backyard. however, i don’t want to get my area fenced. that’s why we keep our eye on this system. and i highly recommend it to any dog parent looking for a reliable containment system.

I do like how this technology works.

When it came to safeguarding our furry friends, we sought a modern solution that aligned with our lifestyle. Pawious customer team recommended the F900 Plus GPS collars. With its cutting-edge technology and hassle-free setup, we can now track our dogs in real-time, whether they're at home or on the go. Good for any person looking for a smart and reliable containment system!

A nice product

As a dog parent to three adorable fur babies keeping them safe has always been my top focus. That's why I decided to purchase in the F900 GPS collars. The shipping was fast. The setup wasn’t time-consuming thank to the screen and quite straightforward manual. And with a one-year warranty, you really can't go wrong. Recommend

Love it!!

I have recently adopted two adorable fur babies. Having unfenced area, I decided to invest in the F900 Plus GPS collars, and it's been a game-changer. The setup was straightforward, and the real-time distance monitoring feature is incredibly accurate. Love it!

A must-have!

Let me start by saying that the F900 GPS collars have been a game-changer for me and my furry friends. With two energetic dogs, Mandy and Rocky, keeping them safe while giving them the freedom to play has always been a priority. This system not only delivers on its promise of accurate boundaries but also makes it effortless to monitor their whereabouts. The fact that it's portable means we can take it with us wherever we go, ensuring their safety no matter the location. Setup was quick, and the correction-free reentry feature gives me peace of mind knowing they can return home safely. Highly recommend to any dog owner out there!

Works great! Didn't regret

As a nature lover with two furry dogs, safety is always a paramount concern. I bought this F900 Plus GPS collars, and I couldn't be more delighted. The setup was easy. I love the correction-free reentry ensures they can return home without any hitches. With swift shipping, this system has surpassed my expectations. Ty !!


I have a paw crew. However, ensuring their posed a challenge. So, I gave a shot for F900 Plus GPS collars. With its accurate boundary control and real-time distance monitoring,now, I know that my furry friends are always within reach!1

Great for 3 dogs!

I recently purchased the wireless dog fence system for my trio of dogs: a 2-year-old yellow lab, a 3-year-old German Shepherd, and a 3-year-old husky. Living in the suburbs of a large city, with around 1 acre of land, I needed a reliable solution to keep my adventurous trio from wandering off for hours chasing neighbor cats and squirrels.

After following the training guide, I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Roxy, the German Shepherd, grasped the concept. She responded promptly to the sound warning, showcasing her intelligence. Although the lab and Husky received a shock once or twice, they soon learned to respect the boundaries marked with flags. Here some pros and consofof this fence based on my experience so far:

1. Control for All 3 Dogs with One Transmitter - managing all three dogs with one transmitter has been incredibly convenient. The settings work seamlessly for all three, providing consistent control.
2. Great Accuracy - I've noticed minimal deviation, perhaps 1-2 feet at most, which is even more accurate than the wireless dog fence from Petsafe that I used previously.
3. Forbidden Area Mode and Training Mode - while I don't use these features often, they're invaluable when needed.
4. Real-Time Tracking - The ability to track the position of all three dogs in real-time is nice thing to have. The screen always shows how far away each dog is.

1. Circular Area Shape Only - one limitation of the system is its circular area shape, which may not be suitable for all yard layouts.
Battery Life of Receivers - the battery life of the receivers could be improved. Lasting only 2 days, I find myself charging them overnight every other night. A longer battery life would be more convenient.

So far, it's perfect

I just got this wireless dog fence (set for 2 dogs) system yesterday. After reading countless reviews, I was unsure if it would suit my needs. However, with the 30-day return window, I figured I had nothing to lose. I'll update this review if anything changes.

Living on 3 acres, with most of it being yard surrounded by woods, I needed a solution to keep my two dogs, Bailey and Cooper, safe. With neighbors at a distance and a busy road nearby, I wanted them to have freedom while ensuring their safety.

Setting up the base unit on my porch, I began training Bailey and Cooper in the driveway using the flags to mark the boundary. They quickly learned to respect the boundary aftergetting the first mild zap. Within 10 minutes, they were staying behind the boundary, even during their zoomies. We will continue the training as it's written the Guide.

Bailey, a playful Giant Great Dane, had one close encounter with the boundary during his zoomies, heard the sound tone warning and immediately retunred back. He now responds with just a twitch of the ear if he gets too close.

The next morning, we will do training towards the backyard. So far, I couldn't be happier with this purchase, especially the convenience of knowing how far they are just by glancing at the transmitter.

The BEST purchase ever!

5 STARS!!! This system not only delivers on its promise of accurate boundaries but also makes it effortless to monitor their adventures. The real-time distance monitoring feature is incredibly helpful. Additionally, the correction-free reentry ensures they can come back home without any issues. I do appreciate that collars are waterproof.

Decent Fence

After using the wireless dog fence for some time, I've compiled a list of pros and cons based on my experience.


1. Very Reliable and Accurate: One of the standout features of this system is its reliability and accuracy. I can trust that my dog will stay within the designated boundaries without any issues.
2. Range of 1 Acre: With a range of 1 acre, it's perfect for my small to mid-sized yard. I never have to worry about my dog wandering off beyond the boundaries.
3. Convenient Holder and Long Battery Life: The included holder is a handy addition, and I appreciate that the system can function without an outlet for over 2 days. It provides flexibility and peace of mind.
4. Real-Time Tracking: The ability to track my dog's position in real-time is invaluable. With just a glance at the screen, I can instantly know how far away my pup is.


1. Circular Area Shape Only: One drawback is that the system only supports a circular area shape. While this works well for most situations, it may not be suitable for all yard layouts.
2. Inability to Set Shock Warning First: Unfortunately, there's no option to set the shock warning as the first alert. The system always starts with a sound, then vibration, and only then resorts to shock if necessary. While my dog is obedient and usually responds to the sound alone, this may not be ideal for all dogs.

good product for the goodprice, I love this purchase.

This device completely satissfy my needs!!!

Sooo good.

This system maintains my dogs’ safety while granting them the liberty to roam has always been paramount. This system has made it achievable sans the inconvenience of burying wires or excavation. The setup was swift, and the real-time distance monitoring feature is remarkably precise. Plus, the correction-free reentry ensures their safe return. Highly recommend it to any dog owner seeking convenience and security harmoniously united.

Love it!

Investing in the F900 GPS collars was literally one of the best decisions I've made for my dogs' safety.
Living in a rural area, it's crucial to have a reliable system in place to keep them from wandering too far.
The setup was straightforward, and I appreciate not having to bury any wires.
The real-time distance monitoring feature is worthy, especially when they're out of sight.
Easy-to-use containment system, love it!


I really wish I had invested in this containment system sooner! Despite being hesitant about the price, especially since I needed to purchase an extra collar for our other dog, I finally caved and bought it after a month and a half of deliberation. Our dogs had become increasingly persistent in escaping the backyard, barking at neighbors, and chasing cars. Living in a rural area with neighboring dogs exhibiting similar behavior, I felt compelled to be a more responsible pet owner.

Installing the main unit and collars was straightforward, but adjusting the unit to the correct range took some time. After placing flags at the approximate range of their new "approved area," I spent about 15 minutes training our two dogs. Whenever the collar alarm sounded, I guided them back towards the house and rewarded them. Surprisingly, that was all the training they needed! Within just one day, even if we forgot to put their collars on, they stayed close to the front porch. While they could still venture out of the backyard, they always returned to the front porch.

No more upsetting neighbors on walks, and no more car-chasing! Now, I can rest assured knowing they won't leave the property. While they experienced a few shocks during the initial training, set at the lowest level, it was effective in teaching them boundaries. I couldn't be happier with this product! In the end, it was worth every penny, providing me with peace of mind knowing my dogs are always under control on my property.

For reference, I have a hefty 70-pound black Labrador and a 60-pound Husky, and it works seamlessly for both of them. With nearly an acre of land, the range of this system is impressive.

Not cheap, but totally worth it

I decided to invest in this system to prevent my mischievous pup, Toby, from escaping through the gate whenever I'm away. Without fail, I'd return from a quick trip to find him stranded outside, unable to get back in. Living on a 1 acre lot, with the gate approximately 110 feet away from my porch, I needed a reliable solution.

While setting up, I found the transmitter's range to be slightly shorter than expected, with a maximum of 10 feet less than my initial boundary flags. However, positioned on a wooden table near a window, I still achieved a commendable 125 feet at the furthest point on the maximum distance setting. The option to mount the transmitter on a wall further optimizes the range.

One aspect I've found exceptionally reliable is the system's accuracy. It always starts with a sound, followed by vibration, before resorting to static if necessary. So need to keep this in mind if you have a stubborn persitent dog, this might ot deterr it right away. Nevertheless, our dog learns quickly and 1 static correction ws enough for her to remember. Now she turns back everytime when hears the beep.

While there are cheaper models available, like the 2-in-1 wireless fence, the reliability of this system makes it worth the investment. It saves you from annual maintenance costs associated with underground fences or subscription fees. In the long run, the value far outweighs the initial price tag. Do not regret about my choice.