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GPS Dog Fence F810+, 2nd Gen with GPS Signal Boost Chip and AI Scene Recognition - 2 Dog Set

Number of Dogs
  • 2 Dogs
  • 3 Dogs
  • 4 Dogs
  • 5 Dogs
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee



Accurate and Précised GPS Positioning

Equipped by a powerful processor, it delivers unmatched performance and enhances GPS signals in low-signal areas, ensuring stable and precise positioning.

Patented AI Scene Recognition Tech

Recognizes the usage environment, whether indoors or outdoors, thereby eliminating false triggers and ensuring a seamless fencing experience.

Without Any Subscription Payments

No hidden fees, no monthly subscriptions—simply buy the fence now and enjoy its features for a lifetime!

Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

Hear From 
Our Amazing Clients

Justin Harmon, Jackson, MS

The GPS dog fence collar is a game-changer. It keeps our adventurous pups safe within the boundaries. Highly recommended!

Maranda Lieupo, Valdosta, GA

Easy setup, reliable performance. The dog fence collar gives our dog freedom while keeping her secure.

Sarah Dale, Jackson, MS

This product is a lifesaver. The GPS dog fence ensures our dog stays within our yard, no matter how adventurous.

Casey Ney, Parma, ID

No more burying cables! The GPS dog fence is a breeze to use. It's worth every penny for our dog's safety.

David Cowan, Keyser, WV

The dog fence collar is a stress-reliever. Our dog roams freely, and we have peace of mind. Great product!

Mel Fran, Stafford, VA

I'm thrilled with this  GPS dog fence collar. It's simple to set up and keeps our dog safe and happy.

Product Information




Application Environment

The GPS dog fence is most effective in open environments with minimal obstruction, making it ideal for spacious areas such as yards or fields. It is well-suited for locations without dense woods or tall structures, ensuring optimal performance and accurate tracking for your pet.

Coverage area

The Pawious F810+ can cover a circular range from a minimum radius of 33 yards to a maximum of 1000 yards. This translates to approximately 0.7 acres at the smallest setting and around 650 acres at the largest setting, providing flexibility to customize the fence based on your specific requirements.


When your dog attempts to escape the designated boundary area, this wireless pet fence emits progressively increasing tones, vibration, and/or static stimulation in 6 levels, followed by a 1-minute pause and repeat cycle. If your dog doesn't return, the collar emits a continuous beep until your furry friend is safely back. These enhanced safety features offer maximum security and peace of mind.

SECOND GENERATION of GPS FENCES - Integrated with an enhanced chip, the Upgraded F810 GPS dog fence brings forward superior GPS signal amplification and optimized performance even in areas with weaker signals. This ensures unerring and steady positioning. Its heightened accuracy and trustworthiness make it an unparalleled boundary containment system for your pets.


AI INTELLIGENT SCENE RECOGNITION - The new F810 GPS wireless dog fence sets itself apart from other brands with its Intelligent Scene Recognition technology. This unique feature detects the usage environment, whether indoors or outdoors, eliminating false triggers and providing more accurate zone control. Say goodbye to false warnings and enjoy a seamless pet-containing experience.


SUITABLE USAGE ENVIRONMENT - Designed especially for mature medium to large breeds, the F810 dog fence collar showcases its prowess in outdoor settings. It can span boundaries ranging from 99ft to 3300ft in radius (33-1000 yards), granting you the flexibility to define boundaries as per your preferences. However, it's worth noting that this invisible dog fence isn't designed for smaller yards or indoor spaces. Its GPS-driven accuracy usually stands at about 1-2 yards but can be slightly off in densely wooded terrains.


ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES - The moment your pet attempts to cross the set boundaries, the AI dog collar activates. The collar then projects a series of escalating tones, vibrations, and/or shocks, dispersed across six intensity gradients. If a minute elapses without the pet's return, the collar sustains its beeping until they're safely within the confines again. These advanced remote functionalities are pivotal in ensuring your pet's safety and your serenity.


SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS - Our GPS perimeter collar is specifically designed for medium to large breeds. It provides a perfect fit for dogs with a neck size from 9 to 23in. Fit the collar to your dog's neck and cut the excess strap.


CAREFREE AFTER-SALES SERVICE - We are committed to your satisfaction. Our F810 electric dog fence comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a warranty. If you have any questions or concerns, our dedicated after-sales service team is always available to provide assistance. Count on us to deliver prompt and reliable support, ensuring your utmost satisfaction with our product.


SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS - Our GPS perimeter collar is specifically designed for medium to large breeds. Fit the collar to your dog's neck and cut the excess strap. 
It provides a perfect fit for dogs with a neck size from 9 to 23in. For tiny pets, this product may not be a good fit. 

Measuring Instruction

Wrap a tape measure around the front of your dog’s neck. Tighten so that you can fit just two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog’s neck. You can also measure your dog's current collar. Determine the strap size by matching up your dog’s neck measurement with the collar sizing chart. If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend getting the larger size since you can trim it down to fit your dog. The strap can be adjusted for best fit once you receive your Pawious F810+.
  • 1000 mAh battery

  • 24-36h on a single charge

1. Dog Fence collar
2. Product box
3. Flag markers
4. Test light
5. Charging cable
6. Instruction manual
7. Training guide


asked questions

Have you a question?

How does the Pawious F810+ differ from other "smart" GPS and tracking dog collars?

Pawious F810+ distinguishes itself by offering comparable accuracy to models priced 7-10 times higher, which often come with monthly subscriptions. Our goal was to create a product that's not only precise but also affordable for ordinary customers. Achieving this, our collar utilizes patented AI-powered software, combining GPS with the recognition of the dog's indoor or outdoor environment. This innovation not only ensures accuracy but also eliminates the need for monthly cellular payments, making it a cost-friendly choice for pet owners. Unlike low-tier models that rely solely on GPS and can be unreliable due to obstacles, our solution minimizes false triggers, providing a more reliable tracking experience.

Do GPS dog fences require a SIM card and monthly subscription payments for their operation?

No, our GPS dog fences do not require a SIM card or monthly subscriptions. They operate independently, using GPS technology for location tracking and boundary setting. It's a one-time purchase for long-term use.

Does Pawious F810+ use static correction? When is such correction useful?

The Pawious F810+ offers two modes: one with static correction and another without, utilizing only sound and vibration. Even in the static correction mode, the system initiates with sound and vibration, allowing the dog to return before any static correction occurs. Dogs typically learn to respond to the warning sound and return promptly. It's important to note that the static correction is gentle, akin to a tap, designed to draw the dog's attention without causing harm.

How frequently do I need to recharge my Pawious F810+ and what is the anticipated battery life?

The collar can run for 24-36 hours on a single charge, influenced by your dog's attempts to breach the perimeter. It's recommended to remove the collar nightly and charge it overnight to ensure a full battery for the next day.
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    Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST)


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mallory Asher

We had thought about putting up a fence since we don't have one, but when we saw the prices, we were shocked! Getting quotes from four different companies, we found the average cost to be around 9k. Since we move with the military every couple of years, it didn't seem sensible to invest so much money for such a short period. That's why we were searching for alternatives. We have dound this Pawious GPS collars. And I really like the concept. They work great so far! We have been using them for a week. Will keep you an update.

Great investment. Didn't regret.

We reside on 2 acres of land and wanted to grant our American Bulldogs some freedom to explore. These GPS wireless fences have proven to be the most valuable investment for us, and we are extremely satisfied with the simple setup. My dogs are joyful boys and now relish their time outdoors safely.

the BEST choice for the 2 dogs owner

We own two dogs, so the set option is precisely what we require. These collars perform admirably. Our exceptionally active Gordon Setter requires ample space to run. Residing on 35 acres in the Colorado mountains, this collar allows us to maintain a defined boundary for our furry friend, ensuring they stay out of harm's way.

Grace Hernandez

Setup didn't take too much time. The GPS signal is strong and consistent, and it seems to be accurate throughout the entire radius we set up.

Easy to use and effective

I recently purchased a GPS dog fence collar set for my energetic pups, and I've been extremely impressed with its performance. Setting up them was a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly interface and clear instructions. I love that I can adjust the boundaries to fit our yard size. The collar itself is lightweight and comfortable for my dogs to wear. Overall, I'm thrilled with this product and would recommend it to any pet owner looking for an easy-to-use and effective solution for containing their dog.

Mimi Miu
Work great!

I have two furrues, Max and Bella, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. As a dog owner living in a suburban area with plenty of tempting distractions for my adventurous pups, I needed a reliable solution to keep them safe and secure within our property boundaries.

First and foremost, the setup process was a breeze. The user-friendly instructions guided me through the installation of the GPS fence system in no time. Once everything was set up, I was impressed by the accuracy and reliability of the boundaries. Max and Bella were able to roam freely within the designated boundaries without any worries.

One of the standout features of this GPS dog fence collar set is its durability and waterproof design. Max and Bella love to explore every nook and cranny of our backyard, regardless of the weather conditions. Thankfully, the collars held up exceptionally well, even during rainy days.

2 collar set

Came fast. Easy to set up and train. Kept dogs contained. After a couple days one of the collars buttons broke, currently waiting for replacement and instructions to return broken one.
Like the product but the buttons are not very sturdy.
We are in the country and the GPS works great!
Would love to be able to set up a different shape for virtual fence but am making the circle work.
Wanted to leave 4 stars but I couldn’t change it.

Darcy Mercer
Thanks for useful tutorial. It makes the setting process easier.

Setting up was simple, and my dogs quickly adapted to it. YouTube's video on their channel with training tips was quite helpful. Just a few days and my stubborn pups know their limits. I am amazed!

Nice product!

Easy to set up! Works great!

Sierra Ellis
Win-win! It's the best solution for us.

The setup was quite easy, taking about aprox a half of hour in total, and our dogs quickly caught on. They respond to the tone and haven't needed the static feature. Thank you for such an amazing device! Highly recommend!

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