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Wireless Dog Fence F900 - High Precision, Control Up to 3 Dogs, Secure Up to 1 Acre, Perfect for Homeowners

  • Set for 1 Dog
  • Set for 2 Dogs
  • Set for 3 Dogs
  • Receiver
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  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 30-Day Returns


Circular Boundary - up to 1 Acre

Creates a circular shape fencing area with radius from 10 to 120 feet

Works for Multiple Dogs

1 Transmitter connects up to three collars at the same time. Simply by the respective set or buy an additional receiver for second or third dogs.

Real-time Distance Tracking

The transmitter displays the exact distance to your pet's real-time position, alerting you immediately if they approach the boundary.

Product Description

Most Accurate Wireless Fence - The Pawious Wireless Dog Fence stands out with cutting-edge radar positioning technology, offering the most accurate and reliable boundaries both indoors and outdoors when compared to other wireless fences relying on weaker radio signals.

Up to 1 Acre of Circular Coverage - Securing areas of up to 1 acre, this wireless dog fence is a perfect choice for homeowners. With a radius ranging from 10 to 120 feet from the indoor placement of the transmitter, it ensures ample space for your pet to roam safely.

No Digging or Wires to Bury - Setup takes just a few minutes. Our wireless boundary system offers a hassle-free solution to protect your pets without the need for digging or burying wires.

Supports up to 3 Dogs - Our system is capable of controlling up to 3 dogs simultaneously. Choose respective set variation.

Real-Time Distance Monitoring - With our system, stay informed about your pet's whereabouts anytime. The transmitter displays the exact distance to your pet's real-time position, alerting you immediately if they approach the boundary.

Correction-Free Reentry - Unlike traditional in-ground fences, our wireless system allows pets to return without warning when they cross the boundary on the way back.

Portable & Rechargeable - Designed for convenience, our portable system is perfect for camping, vacation homes, or wherever you go. The transmitter lasts over 65 hours on a single charge, while the receiver provides over 24 hours of use.

IPX7 Waterproof Collar, Size Medium to Large - Our waterproof collar ensures comfort and durability for medium and large pets, with adjustable sizing to fit neck sizes ranging from 6 to 23 inches.

asked questions

Have you a question?

How does the real-time distance tracking feature work? Does the transmitter alert users when the dog attempts to escape?

Real-time distance tracking allows you to monitor how far is your dog at any moment directly on the transmitter screen. Additionally, the transmitter alerts users with beeps if the dog attempts to escape the fencing area.

Is the product suitable for stubborn dogs as an instant deterrent?

In Vibration mode, it begins with a tone warning followed by vibration. In Static mode, it also starts with tone, then vibration, and finally static correction. While it can deter disobedient behavior, it's more effective with properly trained dogs.

How frequently do I need to recharge my Pawious F900 and what is the anticipated battery life?

The Transmitter can work up to 65 hours on a single charge, and can operate normally during the charging process. The collar can run for 24-36 hours on a single charge, influenced by your dog's attempts to breach the perimeter. It's recommended to remove the collar nightly and charge it overnight to ensure a full battery for the next day.
How many dogs can this system handle at once?
You can control up to three dogs simultaneously with this system. Simply choose between 1 or 2 dog sets and purchase an additional receiver for the third dog separately.
What is included in the package?
The package includes a transmitter with holder, receiver (1 or 2 or 3 depending on the set), belt, charger, 2 pairs of contact points, 25 marking flags, training guide, and instruction manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Justin Bankroft
So far, it's perfect

I just got this wireless dog fence (set for 2 dogs) system yesterday. After reading countless reviews, I was unsure if it would suit my needs. However, with the 30-day return window, I figured I had nothing to lose. I'll update this review if anything changes.

Living on 3 acres, with most of it being yard surrounded by woods, I needed a solution to keep my two dogs, Bailey and Cooper, safe. With neighbors at a distance and a busy road nearby, I wanted them to have freedom while ensuring their safety.

Setting up the base unit on my porch, I began training Bailey and Cooper in the driveway using the flags to mark the boundary. They quickly learned to respect the boundary aftergetting the first mild zap. Within 10 minutes, they were staying behind the boundary, even during their zoomies. We will continue the training as it's written the Guide.

Bailey, a playful Giant Great Dane, had one close encounter with the boundary during his zoomies, heard the sound tone warning and immediately retunred back. He now responds with just a twitch of the ear if he gets too close.

The next morning, we will do training towards the backyard. So far, I couldn't be happier with this purchase, especially the convenience of knowing how far they are just by glancing at the transmitter.

Maria Guerta
Decent Fence

After using the wireless dog fence for some time, I've compiled a list of pros and cons based on my experience.


1. Very Reliable and Accurate: One of the standout features of this system is its reliability and accuracy. I can trust that my dog will stay within the designated boundaries without any issues.
2. Range of 1 Acre: With a range of 1 acre, it's perfect for my small to mid-sized yard. I never have to worry about my dog wandering off beyond the boundaries.
3. Convenient Holder and Long Battery Life: The included holder is a handy addition, and I appreciate that the system can function without an outlet for over 2 days. It provides flexibility and peace of mind.
4. Real-Time Tracking: The ability to track my dog's position in real-time is invaluable. With just a glance at the screen, I can instantly know how far away my pup is.


1. Circular Area Shape Only: One drawback is that the system only supports a circular area shape. While this works well for most situations, it may not be suitable for all yard layouts.
2. Inability to Set Shock Warning First: Unfortunately, there's no option to set the shock warning as the first alert. The system always starts with a sound, then vibration, and only then resorts to shock if necessary. While my dog is obedient and usually responds to the sound alone, this may not be ideal for all dogs.

Jennifer Kreston
Not cheap, but totally worth it

I decided to invest in this system to prevent my mischievous pup, Toby, from escaping through the gate whenever I'm away. Without fail, I'd return from a quick trip to find him stranded outside, unable to get back in. Living on a 1 acre lot, with the gate approximately 110 feet away from my porch, I needed a reliable solution.

While setting up, I found the transmitter's range to be slightly shorter than expected, with a maximum of 10 feet less than my initial boundary flags. However, positioned on a wooden table near a window, I still achieved a commendable 125 feet at the furthest point on the maximum distance setting. The option to mount the transmitter on a wall further optimizes the range.

One aspect I've found exceptionally reliable is the system's accuracy. It always starts with a sound, followed by vibration, before resorting to static if necessary. So need to keep this in mind if you have a stubborn persitent dog, this might ot deterr it right away. Nevertheless, our dog learns quickly and 1 static correction ws enough for her to remember. Now she turns back everytime when hears the beep.

While there are cheaper models available, like the 2-in-1 wireless fence, the reliability of this system makes it worth the investment. It saves you from annual maintenance costs associated with underground fences or subscription fees. In the long run, the value far outweighs the initial price tag. Do not regret about my choice.

Emily Brown
Boundaries Made Simple

Our dog's incessant wandering led us to try this wireless fence, and the results are amazing. Even our alpha male pup respects the boundaries it sets. It's a lifesaver, and we've already ordered a second receiver for our other dog. The best part? I can pair the second receiver to our remote and it will work as one system.

The remote's real-time distance display keeps us informed, ensuring our dogs stay safe within the designated area.

Does the job

I was skeptical at first, but this collar has proven to be effective for our stubborn Beagle. Even if he tests the boundaries, he quickly learns his limits and returns. It's been a relief to have such a reliable solution, and we would definitely buy it again.

Sarah Johnson
Peace of Mind Guaranteed

I was initially hesitant, but this wireless dog fence exceeded my expectations! It works wonders for keeping our pup safe within the designated boundaries. We primarily rely on the beep and vibration functions, but the static feature has proven effective when needed. Plus, the real-time distance display on the remote is a game-changer, instantly alerting us if our dog tries to escape.

Ryan Harris
Indoors or Outdoors, It Works Like Magic

If you're looking for accuracy in a wireless dog fence, look no further! This one delivers on its promise with flying colors. The 1-acre range provides ample space for my pet to roam freely, and the accuracy indoors and outdoors is impressive.

Special thanks for providing such detailed instructions and a comprehensive training guide, making the setup and training process very smooth.

Christopher Taylor

Works great on our Huskies

Mindy Cindy
Works well!

In just a month of using this system, it's already made a significant difference for both of our dogs. They no longer chase after animals beyond the barrier, as the sound serves as an effective warning. Though they received a shock once, they quickly learned their lesson, and now they stay within bounds without hesitation.

Jessica Thompson
Great for 3 dogs

Our great Dane trio is finally learning to respect boundaries, thanks to this wireless fence! The different settings provide flexibility, and dogs are responding positively to each one.

So, it's very convenient that all 3 dogs are controlled from one transmitter. And we can see on the monitor how far is every dog from our trio. So far, we love it. Accurate, well-made, just what we needed.

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