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B300 Dog Bark Control Collar - Bark Control for Small Medium Large Dogs

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Product Description

The B300 Dog Bark Control Collar is a smart and effective solution designed to address excessive barking in dogs. This remote-free collar automatically detects when your dog is barking and triggers a safe and appropriate response, helping to discourage loud and excessive barking. With its user-friendly design and customizable settings, this collar provides a reliable and humane way to train your dog and promote good behavior.

Key Product Features:

  1. Multiple Modes of Operation: The B300 collar offers two modes of operation. In the fixed mode, you can choose from six levels of tone or static stimulation to suit your dog's sensitivity. Alternatively, you can opt for the cyclic mode, which gradually increases the collar's response to repeated barking, encouraging your dog to learn and reduce their barking behavior.

  2. Automatic Bark Detection: The collar is equipped with advanced technology that automatically detects when your dog is barking, ensuring precise and timely intervention. This feature allows for immediate correction, helping to break the habit of excessive barking effectively.

  3. Safe and Humane Response: When the collar detects barking, it triggers a safe and humane response in the form of a tone or static stimulation. This gentle correction helps your dog associate barking with an unpleasant experience, encouraging them to reduce their barking over time without causing harm or distress.

  4. Low Power Reminder: The B300 collar includes a low power reminder feature that alerts you when it's time to replace the battery. This ensures that the collar is always ready to use and helps you maintain consistent training for your dog.

  5. Easy Operation: With its simple two-button design, the B300 collar is easy to operate. You can adjust the sensitivity settings and select the desired mode with ease, making it convenient for both beginners and experienced dog owners. Additionally, the collar is waterproof, ensuring durability even in wet conditions.

Say goodbye to excessive barking and teach your dog proper manners with the B300 Dog Bark Control Collar. Its intelligent features, customizable settings, and humane response make it an ideal choice for responsible dog owners seeking an effective solution to manage their dog's barking behavior.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So far, so good

We have a vocal female Pug named Lucy. She used to bark or growl at anything that looked like another animal. Even the TV triggered her barking, and she'd bark at shadows or even our older Lab walking around the house.

After 24 hours with the collar, Lucy's behavior has improved significantly. I'll keep you updated!


Not bad. I can see the improvement

I didn't expect, but it works awesome.

It was a miracle cure for our Yorkie. His barking was causing us to go crazy.
No more barking, which means quieter days, and the free shipping option made it an even better deal.

Evan Stewart
Works cool for our pups.

We have got 2 dogs and we've bought 2 collars. The adjustable intensity level allowed us to tailor the training to each dog's needs, which I really apreciate

The idea isn't bad, but it doesn't work.

This collar was a disappointment for our Pomeranian. Her barking continued despite using the collar. It doesn't work at all. We are disappointed with the lack of results.

Josh Morgan
Works !

In fact, it works quite well, but during the most determined barking episodes, the collar's effectiveness decreases slightly. A minor inconvenience may be the need to change the batteries frequently. Overall, a useful tool for barking control, but with some minor drawbacks. However, it is quite acceptable for the price.

This collar does NOT work

Waste of money

Dominic Powell
Some issues

The comfortable design of the collar is a plus. That said, we have occasionally encountered issues where the alert system did not work properly because we had some issues with the alerts.

ariana ross
Cheap and effective solution.

Not bad. Works.

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