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Good product, customer service amazing

I ordered the 2 dog set, unfortunately when it came in it was not working properly. However, customer service was fantastic and sent another set to me right away. I love the range of settings on training mode- being able to adjust the beep, vibrate, and shock level individually is very handy. I do wish I could set it just to beep/vibrate when on fence mode, as our one dog is very sensitive. If they ever do an another version of this that would be my only upgrade request.

For the love of my rescue pup.

My partner and I adopted Bella, a sweet but very energetic rescue dog, a few months ago. We have a decent-sized yard, and we wanted Bella to enjoy it without the risk of her running into the street or the neighbor's yard. That's when we stumbled upon the F900Plus Wireless Dog Fence.

Initially, we were a bit skeptical about a wireless system, but the radar positioning technology promised better accuracy than traditional radio signal systems, so we decided to give it a shot. Setup was a breeze, taking us just under an hour without any digging or wire burying. The transmitter is compact and sleek, fitting easily in our living room without being an eyesore.

Bella quickly learned the boundaries thanks to the training mode. We started with a small radius and gradually increased it to cover almost the entire acre of our property. The real-time distance monitoring feature is fantastic; it alerts us if she gets too close to the boundary, giving us peace of mind.

What we love most is the correction-free reentry feature. If Bella chases a squirrel a bit too far, she can come back without getting another correction. It's been about two months, and Bella respects the boundaries perfectly. The collar is sturdy, waterproof, and fits her comfortably. We even took the system on a weekend camping trip, and it worked like a charm.

If you're looking for a reliable, easy-to-use wireless dog fence, the F900Plus is worth every penny. Our backyard is now a safe for Bella, and we couldn't be happier.

I am amazed.

I never imagined a day when I'd feel secure about my dog's safety until I discovered the Pawious Wireless Dog Fence. My Golden Retriever is a real Houdini when it comes to finding his way out of our yard. Despite our best efforts, he'd always find a way to escape and wander the neighborhood. We tried everything from traditional fences to leashes, but nothing seemed to keep him contained. I was worried he'd get hit by a car or get lost for good.

Enter the Pawious Wireless Dog Fence. Setting it up was easy, which I didn't expect. huh. no digging or burying wires – just plug and play! The accuracy of this system is mind-blowing. The radar positioning technology ensures that Mile stays within the boundaries we set. The real-time distance monitoring feature is a game-changer. I can see exactly where he is at any moment.


It is a lifesaver. We have a large yard, and this covers it up, which is perfect. The design is smart, and my dog quickly adapted to the boundaries. Overall, love it!

It appears as a great investment

As a businessman constantly traveling, I needed a reliable solution to keep my three dogs safe. My wife handles most of the day-to-day care, but the dogs escaping was becoming a major stressor for both of us.

These dog fence collars have been a fantastic investment. Installation was straightforward, and the system is user-friendly. Our dogs adapted quickly, and now they stay within the yard without issue. The collars are comfortable for them and durable.

I am honestly pleased with this purchase. It was a great investment.


Life can get pretty hectic, and I needed a way to keep my dogs safe without adding more stress to my day. Enter the F900Plus – a total love!

Setup was super straightforward, taking just about an hour. I loved that I didn't have to dig or bury any wires, which saved me a ton of time and effort. So far, so good.

The best solution.

I needed a way to keep my dogs safe without the hassle of setting up a physical fence. Enter the Pawious Wireless Dog Fence, which has been nothing short of a miracle for us.

The setup was straightforward and quick, which is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of time. In just under an hour, I had the system up and running. The circular coverage is a godsend, offering up to an acre of space for my dogs to roam. It's amazing how accurate the radar positioning technology is compared to other wireless fences I've tried. I can finally relax knowing my dogs are within safe boundaries.

Amazing solution for the families with kids!

The F900Plus Wireless Dog Fence was a lifesaver. Setting it up was straightforward and didn't take more than an hour, which is a huge plus for someone with limited free time.

Our dog adapted to the system quickly. The training mode was gentle yet effective, and now he enjoys the entire acre of our yard without wandering off. The forbidden area mode is exactly what we need; it keeps our dog out of the kitchen and the kids' playroom, giving me one less thing to worry about.

Worthy device!

This device worths every penny! I couldn't be happier. Thank you guys for the fast shipping and insane service!!

Finally, I found the best containment system. Thank you!

Having tried a few different containment systems, this dog fence is by far the best. The circular safe area is ideal for our yard, and the setup was very user-friendly. It’s been working great outdoors, and the waterproof feature is a huge plus. Highly recommend!

Truly good value! Do appreciate it!

We desperately needed a way to keep our dogs safe without adding to our stress. Enter the Pawious Wireless Dog Fence.

The setup was astonishingly simple. We had everything up and running in about 30 minutes, and no digging was involved. Thank goodness! The transmitter sits discreetly in our living room, and the radius covers almost our entire yard. We started small to train Duke and Daisy, and they caught on quicker than expected.

What really sold us was the real-time distance monitoring. With two babies to watch, knowing exactly where our dogs are at all times is a lifesaver. If they approach the boundary, we get an alert right away. The correction-free reentry is brilliant—no more worrying about them being afraid to come back if they venture too far.Overall, nice collars. Thank you! God blesses you!!


I'm so happy with pawious dog fence collar! It provides a secure, circular area for my dogs to play, and the waterproof feature is fantastic for our outdoor setup. Great design and functionality. I do appreciate the quality that I got for such price. Thank you

Goodie good !!

Mu fiance and I literally enjoy this product! One of the biggest benefits is the correction-free reentry. If our dog does manage to cross the boundary, he can come back without getting shocked, which was a huge concern for me with other systems. The collar is also comfortable and waterproof, perfect for our dog who loves to play in the water.

The system supports up to three dogs, which is fantastic because we're considering getting another dog soon. The battery life is impressive, with the transmitter lasting over 65 hours on a single charge and the collar running for over 24 hours. It's portable too, so we can take it with us when we go camping or visit our vacation home.

Overall, this product has been a lifesaver. Our dog is safe and happy, and so are we. I can't recommend the Pawious Wireless Dog Fence enough!

Love this device!

The only downside I've found is the initial cost, but considering the peace of mind and safety it provides, it's a worthwhile investment. Highly recommend for any busy family needing to keep their fur baby safe.

Love how it works

Great battery life, weatherproof, and effective. However, the initial setup took a bit of time, but it was manageable. The more important that we gain a peace of mind knowing our dogs are safe, and my wife has one less thing to worry about while I’m away. Highly recommend this product

I do adore this system

I'm impressed. It is super cool device and definetely worths its money. Truly nice product! WITHOUT additional fees.

Love these collars

Amazing product! The only drawback I've found is that the coverage area is circular, so if you have an oddly shaped yard, it might not be ideal. However, it works perfectly for our needs. Overall, I highly recommend the Pawious Wireless Dog Fence. It's been a game-changer for our family.

Bought it and didn't regret!

If you're juggling a busy family life and want to keep your furry friends safe, the Pawious system is a must-have. It's given us peace of mind and more time to focus on our kids.

Love it!

We recently purchased a vacation home, and we wanted to bring our dogs along without worrying about them running off. We have a Border Collie and a Beagle, both very active and curious. The Pawious Wireless Dog Fence was the perfect solution.

Setting up the system was quite easy, even for someone like me who isn't very tech-savvy. It took just a few minutes, and we didn't have to deal with any digging or wiring. The coverage area is up to 1 acre, which is more than enough for our dogs to roam freely.

The collars are adjustable and fit both our dogs comfortably. They're also waterproof, which is great because our dogs love to play in the lake.

Easy-to-use containment system, love it!

Works for us

This dog fence collar is perfect for our needs. It covers a large area and works pretty good so far. It gives my dog plenty of space to run. Plus, it’s waterproof and easy to maintain. Five stars !!

Highly recommend.

If you're a busy person like me and need a reliable, easy-to-use solution to keep your dogs safe, the F900Plus Wireless Dog Fence is the best option so far. It’s given me peace of mind and freed up more time to enjoy other things in life!


Our dogs are full of energy and love to test their boundaries, which used to drive us crazy.

We got the dog fence collar, and it’s been awesome. Setup was easy, and these collars work impressive.


didn't regret

Considering the fact that this system is for 2 dogs, the price is okay for this quality