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I was shocked! It actually works! Now, my pups are active as they were young

Both of my dogs are 14-plus years old. One uses a ramp to access indoors, while the other relies on steps. Both were struggling to get inside, and one occasionally limped. After about a week (with both receiving 2 chews a day), they began moving like they were a decade younger. I was astonished by their response to this product, and both seem to relish the taste. Since one of them has only a few teeth, the soft texture of the chews makes it easy for him to eat. I plan to keep purchasing these chews until they transition. This product is truly excellent


This marks our second purchase of this product. My dog, typically a very selective eater disinterested in treats, astounds me by begging for this vitamin. I initially bought it for its joint health benefits, and I've noticed a considerable improvement in his willingness to navigate stairs. I value its lack of strong odor, unlike numerous other dog chews.

Does what it should.

It's really doing well. I'm not sure why this collar works better than the other one I have, which I had and it was wired. On the first try with this one, my GS ran away, crying when he got shocked after ignoring the warning from beeping and vibrations.

Now, when it comes to using it, it's super easy to handle the settings. After turning it on, it takes a couple of minutes to connect to satellites, and I see all the bars.

It doesn't work inside the house, but it's great for our yard and costs less than setting up a real fence.

So far, everything is good, and for now, I'll give it 5 stars because it's simple, saves money, and works well.!

I see the difference. Nice price. My dog likes the taste.

We used this as part of our battle against fleas on our Lab instead of giving him medication. It seemed to make a difference.

Product is simple to set up, I recommend searching YouTube for a video. Unfortunately we live in the suburbs with small .33 acre rectangular lots so this doesn’t keep dogs in our yard, not product fault just too small of an area.

Such a good product that someone have decided to seal it. Lol

This product is fantastic, my dogs absolutely love it. This is the second time I have ordered it. However, someone took the vitamins from the package when it was stolen from my mailbox, leaving an empty bag.?? I thought this situation was funny until I realized that my dogs have to wait because of this. I will be getting more very soon to replace the stolen one.

Me and my dog adore this product

In the mornings, my dog used to seem stiff, but these chews have noticeably improved her condition. As soon as this box finishes, I am going to purchase a new one

Seems as a great product. Works!

I had to stop giving my dog monthly meds for fleas and ticks because they were causing seizures. So, I thought I'd try something different after reading good stuff about these. I began giving them to our dog daily. He's aprox 45 lbs.Seems as an effective treatment. No ticks haven't been noticed yet.


We had thought about putting up a fence since we don't have one, but when we saw the prices, we were shocked! Getting quotes from four different companies, we found the average cost to be around 9k. Since we move with the military every couple of years, it didn't seem sensible to invest so much money for such a short period. That's why we were searching for alternatives. We have dound this Pawious GPS collars. And I really like the concept. They work great so far! We have been using them for a week. Will keep you an update.

Seems as my dog likes the taste. And they work. However, it takes time to see the improvement.

These chews serve as a treat for my dog because he enjoys their taste. I've noticed a slight improvement in his movement as well. Thanks!

Really good for the fur

My pup eats this, and it does wonders for her fur. It's a win for both of us!

Set of Contact Points and Silicone Covers for F800 GPS Dog Fence

User-friendly device! Lifesaver!

My pup enjoys running away, and we don't live too far from the highway. He's even dashed into the road a few times. This product took about an hour to set up, but once it was set up, it has been easy and a true lifesaver! No need for a physical or wired fence with this product. It's super easy to use, and I feel so relieved knowing my pup is safe and enclosed in an area where I don't have to worry about him getting hit by a car. Thank you for giving me the chance to review this product. I am very happy and grateful. I am also 100% satisfied with this product. I highly recommend trying it for your pup too!

Seems to work good! Price point is great!

The unit works good and is a great little device. Does not come with phone app features to track but if trained right your dog will obey. Love the price point! The magnetic charging is nice too, won’t break or loosen as easily. Thanks

My dog is more energetic thanks to them

We adopted a dog who suffered severe abuse in her previous home. She couldn't run, was in pain, and was limping frequently, even though she's not yet a year old. The vet diagnosed her with developing severe arthritis from her past mistreatment. We decided to try these chews as extra support. She adores them and appears to be more active now.


No matter how much I used topicals, sprayed natural stuff, vacuumed, bathed, nothing worked. But these chews have TOTALLY ERASED THE FLEAS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Seems as they work.

16 nutrients in 1 tablet! This fact makes me sure my dog gets everything he needs.

I really adore the fact that I bought one device and got a training collar and a dog fence collar.

My lab has been confined to a small fenced-in yard for 6 years, and this new system holds a lot of promise. While it will require plenty of training, he seems to be catching on quickly.The training mode helps a lot during this process. I started by deciding where I wanted him to stay and placed the base in our garage, giving my dog more access to the backyard while preventing him from roaming to the front. I appreciate the flexibility to adjust the radius of the boundary.

Works great! Ever for our 8-year-old dog.

This wireless fence designed for stubborn dogs is truly a lifesaver! I have an 8-year-old pit bull terrier who can be quite headstrong. Since my yard lacks a traditional fence, it's been challenging to allow her freedom. However, this product has completely transformed our lives! I only wish I had known about it sooner.

Setting it up and charging the collar took me nearly 2 hours, but the instructions were straightforward and easy to follow. Now, my dog stays within our yard, doesn't attempt to run away anymore, and happily plays within the boundaries.

Thanks for useful tutorial. It makes the setting process easier.

Setting up was simple, and my dogs quickly adapted to it. YouTube's video on their channel with training tips was quite helpful. Just a few days and my stubborn pups know their limits. I am amazed!

Good item.

This is a reliable choice. The quality is impressive. The waterproof collar is a good idea, but I wish that the remote were was waterproof too. Overall, a good product.

Efortless giving.

Giving my dog these chews every morning brings me peace of mind. She eagerly waits for it and happily eats it, so she must really enjoy the flavor. My pup can be picky about food, but she seems to prefer these chews over anything else.


Our dog Leo has always been a fence-climber and tunnel-digger, which worried us greatly about him escaping and getting hurt on the road. Thankfully, with this 2in1 Wireless Dog Fence, he's quickly learned to stay within his "safe area". We genuinely believe that this product has saved Leo's life!

Setting it up was a breeze, thanks to the straightforward instructions. Initially, I was concerned about whether it might hurt him, but he's only been zapped maybe three times in total. This fence has truly brought peace of mind to my family!

Works even for my adult dog.

I have an 11-year-old dog, and we're never sure if he might wander off on our big property. The only challenge we faced in setting up the product, but customer support team was quite supportive.

Not bad, work as advertised

I wasn't a fan of having my dog on Rimadyl for his joints, so I decided to give these a try. They seem to do an alright job, but I'm considering trying a different brand next time. I wish they made these in larger treats so I wouldn't have to give my dog five at once.