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the BEST choice for the 2 dogs owner

We own two dogs, so the set option is precisely what we require. These collars perform admirably. Our exceptionally active Gordon Setter requires ample space to run. Residing on 35 acres in the Colorado mountains, this collar allows us to maintain a defined boundary for our furry friend, ensuring they stay out of harm's way.

Help with our active dogs

Our two Border Collies, Max and Bella, are unstoppable bundles of energy.They are so active and always chase each other. Moreover, they also like to chase neighbours' cats, dogs, cars. We have even visited dog trainer. It helped a little bit. However, they still can chase something or someone. Such behaviour caused many arguments and made our lives a nighmare. We thought about real fence, but it isn't s as affordable as we wish. By the way, Max enjoys digging. Hence, we were not so sure if physical fence is an efficient solution. My husband has heard about this GPS 2nd Gen collar and we decided to try. I absolutely satisfied with these collars! Setting up the GPS collar was a breeze, and now, even with the trees in our yard, they can roam safely. It gives us peace of mind, knowing they're secure while they happily play and explore

Good product for the good price.

Easy installation and waterproof design is a big plus. Nice product.

I really adore this idea and how it works. The brand has lots of useful videos

I received them very fast. I live on a farm with LGD pup. We want to use it to keep him from wondering. We use the training video and flags which are incredibly helpful

Not so easy to set up, bur finally, I managed it! And it works great!

Our two Australian Shepherds are always on the move. Setting up these GPS collars took some time, but it worth it! The video on youtube has helped us with this process and it's working flawlessly even with some trees around. Now, my pups can enjoy their playtime while staying safe within our property. Highly recommended for active dogs!

Nice service.

The delivery was punctual, arriving as expected. The packaging was excellent, displaying professionalism and a polished appearance.

Works even with our stubborn dog.

These collars have been essential for our family's Labradors. One of our dogs is young and active. His temper is very hard to manage. That's why we need a solution because we cannot keep one of the dog in the house while the other one enjoys his time in the yard. My wife has found GPS collars as a solution. We spent a lot of time to find the perfefct brand and has stopped on these collars. And we didn't regret. We installed them quickly. However, the battery life could use improvement for prolonged outdoor use. Still, they are trustworthy safety tools for our furry friends' protection.

Nice smell, nice taste. I see the difference in my dog's behaviour.

game-changer! My retriever, loves the taste. Within weeks, I've noticed an improvement in his mobility. He can play with our younger dog now. They have a new hobby to cgase each other. Lol. Highly recommend!!!

They help a lot!! Rhank you!

They help with chronic digestive issues. These probiotics have been a miracle! His tummy troubles have significantly reduced. I didn't expect

Good product! I have been using it for 3 weeks!

These multivitamins are a game-changer! My dog, Bailey, absolutely adores these chews. He starts wagging his tail as I just take the box. Plus, I've noticed a remarkable improvement in his energy levels and coat!!! Highly recommend!

It works!

Luna,our dog, is suffering from allergies. Since using these probiotics, her itching has reduced. Also, they have a good taste and they are like a treats for Luna.

Game changer for my retriever

We have got the golden retriever,who is struggled to play due to joint discomfort.He wanted, but he couldn't. It was so heart-breaking to look at her. These chews have been a miracle! She's back to chasing balls and seems happier than ever.

Easy set up! Didn't regret!

As a single woman, I was a bit hesitant about setting up tech gadgets, but this GPS collar was a pleasant surprise. My Golden Retriever loves the outdoors, and this collar ensures he stays within safe boundaries, even in areas with a weak GPS signal. Waterproof too! Overall, good product.

My pup love this product

Our 12-year-old Labrador struggled with mobility issues. These chews have been a blessing! Within weeks, he's regained some pep in his step. And I don't need to to force him to eat them. If he could, he'd eat all the chews in one go

I like the customer support team

We adopted Luna, a mixed breed, and she had gut issues. After integrating these multivitamins, her tummy problems significantly reduced. Her coat shines, and she's much more playful. So grateful!

Highly recommend.

My pup had recurring diarrhea. It was a nightmare! These probiotics have stabilized his gut! THANK YOU!!

Love these chews

Max is my lovely pup, but those pesky fleas made his days gloomy. Tried numerous solutions until stumbling upon these chews. Natural ingredients were a huge plus for me, and within weeks, Max was itch-free! Plus, he adores the taste! Love this product!

Thank you!

You don�t have to bury a wire for it to work! Best idea yet. We have a 35 pound golden doodle and a 24 pound pitbull. Thank you. Great Product!

Good products, but training sessions are essential

We have 2 dogs and we have received these collars couple weeks ago. For now, they appear to be high-quality collars, and considering their price compared to more expensive options, they seem reasonable. We have just initiated using the collar on our one-year-old German Shepherd today. My husband plans to engage in more training sessions with her soon. Since she's been accustomed to a shock collar before, she recognizes the warning beep, which we believe will simplify her training with this collar. Whenever she approached her boundary and heard the beep, she would instinctively veer back towards the house. As for our other dog, we intend to use the other collar on our one-year-old Blue Heeler. However, as she hasn't encountered a shock collar previously, we anticipate a longer training process for her.

I do appreciate natural ingridients

My dog's coat was plagued by ticks.. It was an awful time until we discovered these chews. Natural goodness, they worked wonders. Now, my dog's playful spirit is back, and her coat is gleaming!


One of our pups struggled with diarrhea. He eats food for dogs as my other dogs. However, only he had this problem. These chews help and I also give them for my other dogs. So far, so good

I have decided to try these chews and I didn't regret

My pup has difficulty climbing stairs. So, I have decided to give a shot for these chews. I haven't noticed the result yet, but my dog definetely likes the taste!

Easy to use.

Superb product! Installation is effortless. And they come at a reasonable price too!

Works for me and my furry friends. Thank you.

So far, these have been performing exceptionally well! There's no requirement for a base unit to be plugged in, allowing you to stand far back on your property while effectively preventing the dogs from approaching the road. The straps are well done. Interestingly, the shock function isn't necessary; they promptly respond to the sound and slight vibration.

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