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About Us

A Pawious Tale by Sergii Savchenko, founder of Pawious®

I remember the day the idea for Pawious® struck me like a bolt of lightning. It was a sunny afternoon, and my faithful German Shepherd, Rex, stood by my side as I sat on the porch. Rex, with his boundless energy and zest for life, had always longed for the freedom to explore the world beyond the leash. And I, as his devoted owner, wanted nothing more than to grant him that freedom while keeping him safe.

Our home was nestled near a bustling highway, and that proximity had always been a source of concern for me. One fateful day, as Rex chased a squirrel with reckless abandon, he darted onto the road, narrowly avoiding a tragic accident. That incident shook me to my core, and I realized that I needed to find a solution that would allow Rex to roam freely without putting him in harm's way.

I began my quest, researching tirelessly and consulting with experts in pet safety and containment. I delved into books, articles, and technology blogs, determined to find a way to give Rex and dogs like him the freedom they deserved. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, my determination grew stronger. I was unwavering in my mission to create a solution that would not only keep dogs safe but also be simple and affordable for ordinary pet owners like myself.

The existing options in the market left much to be desired. Underground systems required complicated installations, and wireless systems often came with hefty and cumbersome transmitters. Some solutions were exorbitantly expensive, with price tags ranging from $650 to $1300, coupled with additional monthly subscription fees—a financial burden that many pet owners couldn't bear. I knew there had to be a better way.

And then, one day, it hit me—a concept that would change the lives of pet owners everywhere. I envisioned a GPS Dog Fence that would create virtual boundaries, allowing dogs to explore their surroundings freely while ensuring their safety. If a dog ventured too close to the boundary, the system would gently guide them back to safety. It was an idea born out of love for Rex and a deep desire to provide a practical and affordable solution for pet owners like myself.

With my vision in mind, I founded Pawious, a brand dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners. I poured my heart and soul into perfecting the GPS Dog Fence technology, making sure it was as accurate as the costly alternatives while remaining accessible to ordinary pet owners.

Pawious quickly gained recognition in the pet industry for its commitment to innovation and safety. Pet owners around the world embraced my GPS Dog Fence, finally allowing their furry companions to experience the freedom they had always yearned for without compromising their well-being.

The journey from a worried pet owner to an innovator in the world of pet containment had been long and challenging, but it was a journey worth taking. My dream, born out of love for Rex and a deep desire to keep him safe, had not only become a reality but also a source of inspiration for pet owners everywhere. It was a reminder that with determination, ingenuity, and a profound love for our furry friends, we could change the world—one paw at a time.