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Dog Bark Collar B600 - Rechargeable, Waterproof Anti Barking Collar

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Product Description

Introducing the B600 Waterproof Bark Control Collar, a smart and dependable anti-barking collar designed to gently yet effectively address and reduce your dog's excessive barking. As a sophisticated training device, this collar offers a customized approach to help your pet learn better bark control while ensuring their comfort and safety.

Key Product Features:

Sound and Vibration Activation: The B600 uses a combination of sound and vibration to accurately detect your dog's bark, ensuring the anti barking collar activates only in response to your pet. This precision prevents false triggering and creates a more effective and focused training experience.

Versatile Training Options: Tailor your approach with multiple training modes. Whether it's vibration or mild electric stimulation, you can select the method that best suits your canine's temperament, ensuring an effective deterrent against unnecessary barking while fostering positive behavior.

Night Visibility with Reflective Tape: The collar's reflective tape enhances your dog's visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring their safety during evening walks or in dim environments.

Comfortable Silicone Prongs: Equipped with soft silicone prongs, the B600 ensures your dog's comfort. These prongs are gentle on your pet's skin and coat, allowing them to wear the bark control collar comfortably for longer periods.

Durable Waterproof Design: The B600's robust waterproof build allows for consistent use in any weather, ensuring the collar's effectiveness isn't compromised by rain or wet conditions.

Equip your furry friend with the B600 Waterproof Dog Bark Collar and experience a more peaceful environment. This intelligent bark control tool combines safety, comfort, and effectiveness in its design, providing a humane and efficient solution to manage and prevent excessive barking. With the added benefits of night visibility, comfortable wear, and all-weather durability, it's a comprehensive device for your pet training needs.

Enjoy the convenience of free shipping within 9-12 days and embark on a journey to better bark behavior with your canine companion.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

My 13-year-old dog has been a non-stop barker for as long as I can remember, and it's been a real challenge for me. He barks at everything, from the door opening to the slightest rustle of leaves outside. It's like he's always on high alert, even when there's nothing to bark at!

I've tried so many things to get him to stop - sprays, muzzles - but nothing seemed to work. He just kept on barking, day in and day out. I even tried medication for his OCD, but that didn't make a difference either.

Finally, I decided to give a collar another try, especially for the sake of my poor neighbor who has to deal with his late-night barking sessions. And, to my surprise, it actually worked! I opted for a collar with different options, and I chose to use just the tone and vibrate settings. The first time I put it on him, I noticed a significant improvement. He seemed to respond to the gentle reminders, and his barking became much less frequent.

Now, I couldn't be happier. My dog is finally starting to calm down, and my neighbor can finally get some sleep. It's been a real lifesaver for both of us!

Zachary Reed


Ruby Rich


Abigail Perez
Awesome product!

The Bark Collar B600 is a game changer! Previously, our poodle barked at every sound, but this collar works wonders. Multiple training modes and reflective tape for nighttime visibility are great features. Now our neighbours are happier and we all sleep better. A must-have for dog owners!

I like this product , especially the fact that shipping is free!

Amazing product!! I really appreciate the assistance of customer support team when I was choosing appropriare bark collar for my dog.

It is a game changer! Thanks!

We have a dog who was the noisiest puppy in the neighbourhood until we got this barking collar. The waterproof design is perfect for our adventurous pup, and the rechargeable function is very convenient. And the main advantage of this collar is that it actually works!


Good value for the good price

Scarlett Scott
So far so good.

The collar has proven to be effective for our maltese. The various training modes helped us find the right option for his behaviour, and the silicone pins keep him comfortable. However, we have noticed that it is not as successful during his most determined barking moments.

Victoria Nelson
Peace of mind

The B600 collar has exceeded our expectations. Our Labrador was constantly barking, but this collar just saved his life. The free shipping was a pleasant surprise, and the battery life is amazing.

Nice product for the nice price, such a relief for me.

The relief for our neighbours is obvious and the design is elegant. Multiple training modes provide a personalised solution, and the recharge function is environmentally friendly that I really apreciate

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