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Dog Bark Collar B800c, 2 pack - Rechargeable, Advanced Anti Barking Collar, LCD Display

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Product Description

Introducing the Dog Bark Collar B800c, a 2-pack set of rechargeable, advanced anti-barking collars with an LCD, designed as a stop barking collar to aid pet owners in managing their dogs' excessive woofing. This Smart Bark Waterproof Dog Training Collar is a technologically superior and user-friendly device, that offers efficient and effective training to enhance your furry friend's behavior. With customizable options like beep or vibration modes, this collar is tailored to fit your and your pet's training needs.

Key Product Features:

Beep, Vibration & Shock Modes: The Smart Bark collar provides three distinct modes, enabling you to select the most suitable method to help your dog curb their barking. This adaptability ensures a personalized training experience that caters to your canine's specific requirements and sensitivity.

Intelligent Sensor Activation: Equipped with a specialized sensor, this collar detects your dog's throat vibrations, activating solely in response to their bark. This precision ensures the device targets only the barking behavior, avoiding false activations and delivering accurate, constructive feedback.

Adjustable Intensity Levels: The Smart Bark collar offers both fixed and scalable intensity levels from 1 to 6. This versatility allows you to identify the perfect level of stimulation for your dog's unique training needs, balancing efficacy and comfort throughout the process.

User-Friendly LCD Touch Screen: Featuring an LCD touch screen, the collar provides a straightforward interface for pet owners. This intuitive feature simplifies the adjustment of settings and navigation, streamlining the training process.

Convenient Magnetic USB Charging: Forget about the hassle of battery replacements. The included magnetic USB charger makes recharging the collar effortless, ensuring the device is consistently ready for action. Just connect the charger to the collar's magnetic port for an easy power-up.

Empower yourself and your pet with the Dog Bark Collar B800c, an excellent choice for effective and user-friendly bark control. Its sophisticated features, including multiple training modes, intelligent activation, adjustable intensity, and easy charging, make it a top-notch tool for encouraging better behavior and reducing unwanted barking.

Enjoy the convenience of free shipping within 9-12 days and start your journey towards a more peaceful and well-behaved canine companion.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Isaiah Adams
As for us, nice collars

Work for our needs

Seems as a nice product

Not bad. Sometimes work, sometimes not. I guess, we need more time. So, keep you with an update.

Christian Foster

These devices have become a valuable addition to our family. With a poodle named Zara and a beagle named Donut, this set works. The adjustable intensity levels and the ability to select a mode are very helpful. Zara's barking has decreased significantly and Donut's behaviour has improved. The LCD touch screen is easy to use and the recharge function is convenient. However, we have noticed that at times when Donut is more stubborn, she doesn't seem as effective.

The customer service is nice.

2 packs, has proven to be quite effective. I appreciate that I can choose between shock, vibration and beep modes - it's great. The only inconvenience was related to the delivery, but the customer service was quick to respond and very helpful.

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