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Dog Bark Collar B800c Black - Rechargeable, Advanced Anti Barking Collar, LCD Display

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Product Description

Presenting the Dog Bark Collar B800c Black, a sophisticated, rechargeable, and advanced anti-barking collar with an LCD designed for effective canine training. This state-of-the-art no bark collars for dogs is an ideal tool for pet owners seeking to mitigate excessive woofing and cultivate improved behavior in their furry companions. With its array of features and user-friendly design, this collar offers an efficient and tailored training experience to meet your puppy’s unique needs.

Key Product Features:

Beep, Vibration & Shock Modes: Equipped with three distinct modes, the Smart Bark collar allows you to select the most suitable training method to help control your pet growling. This adaptability ensures a personalized training approach, catering to your canine's sensitivity and behavior.

Intelligent Bark Detection Sensor: The collar features an advanced sensor that detects your dog's throat vibrations, ensuring activation occurs exclusively in response to their bark. This precision helps prevent false activations and provides accurate feedback, promoting the desired behavior effectively.

Customizable Intensity Levels: Offering a range of intensity levels from 1 to 6, the Smart Bark collar allows you to adjust the stimulation according to your pet's training requirements. This flexibility ensures an effective and comfortable training process, catering to your dog's tolerance and behavior modification needs.

Convenient LCD Touch Screen: Navigate settings effortlessly with the user-friendly LCD touch screen. This intuitive interface makes it simple for pet owners to adjust the collar's features, ensuring a straightforward and effective training experience.

Effortless Magnetic USB Charging: Say goodbye to constant battery replacements. The collar's magnetic USB charger provides an easy and reliable charging solution, ensuring your bark control device is always ready for use.

Deploy the Dog Bark Collar B800c Black for a more peaceful coexistence with your pet. Its advanced no-bark technology, including multiple training modes, intelligent bark detection, adjustable intensity, easy-to-use interface, and convenient charging, makes it a superior choice for effective and humane yapping prevention. Look forward to a quieter environment and a happier, well-behaved canine companion.

Enjoy the added advantage of free shipping with an expected delivery time of 9-12 days, and embark on a successful training journey with your furry friend.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

User frienddly collar with smart design. I do see the result. Ty

Elena Flores

Sometimes, I'll hear a single bark from the backyard, followed by the tone from the collar, and then... silence. It's like magic! Now, my dog behaves just like any other dog, without barking all the time. It's incredible, and I'm really happy I gave it a try!

Works for our dog

This collar is a life saver! Our neighbours were complaining about our dog's barking. This collar really works wonders. The beep, vibration, and shock modes have made training effective, and the adjustable intensity levels have allowed us to find what works for our puppy. No more barking fits and a happier neighbourhood!!!

Hazel Turner
Awesome! Thank you!

We were rather sceptical about using shock collars, but this one impressed us. Our dachshund used to bark incessantly, and now it's quiet in the house. The collar is user friendly. And we are delighted with the results!


nice. works

User-friendly device and it works.

This Bark Collar B800c Black has proven to be effective for our Max. His barking has decreased and the LCD display is easy to understand. However, we have noticed that it is not as effective during the most persistent barking episodes. The adjustable intensity levels are helpful, but a longer battery life would be a huge advantage.

It works great!

Thanks to this collar, our dog's behaviour has improved significantly. The effectiveness of the collar is impressive. User-friendly touch screen and easy recharging make this collar the perfect choice

Wyatt P
Waste of money..

I am disappointed with this device. Despite the different settings, it just doesn't respond to my bulldog's constant barking. This collar did not bring us the relief we were expecting and it is disappointing...

Aurora Roberts
It works.

While it has helped us deal with the barking, it's not as good as we'd expected, especially during tense moments. The user-friendly touchscreen and adjustable intensity levels are positive aspects, but we still encounter some problems.

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