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Smart Dog Bark Collar B800, 2 pack - Rechargeable, Waterproof IPX68, Small to Large Dogs, Adjustable 5-22in, Color Display

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Product Description

If persistent barking is disrupting your peace and your dog's well-being, our Advanced Dog Barking Collar B800 is the solution you've been searching for. As the pinnacle of technological innovation and comfort, it's designed to restore tranquility to your household. This user-friendly collar is adaptable to canines of various sizes, ensuring a harmonious relationship between you and your cherished pet.

Key Features:

Rechargeable Convenience: Eliminate the annoyance of frequent battery changes. Our dog barking collar comes with a rechargeable battery, offering uninterrupted control and convenience.

Superior Waterproof IPX68 Rating: Allow your dog the freedom to enjoy the outdoors, regardless of the weather. The collar's top-tier IPX68 waterproof rating ensures it stands up to splashes and rain, making it ideal for any adventure.

Adjustable Fit: This bark shock collar is suitable for pets of all sizes. Its length is adjustable from 5 to 22 inches, guaranteeing a snug, stylish fit for your canine companion.

Intuitive Color Display: Easily monitor and adjust the collar's settings with its clear, colorful display. This modern feature enhances the user experience, making it straightforward to navigate various modes and settings.

Multiple Training Modes: Customize the training to suit your dog's needs. Select from beep, vibration, and a gentle shock mode to guide your puppy towards quieter behavior effectively and humanely.

Gentle, Humane Training: Designed with your dog's safety in mind, the various modes of this bark control device ensure training is humane and focused on positive reinforcement, not punishment.

Quiet, Peaceful Living: Wave goodbye to constant noise and unwanted woofing. The Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 is your key to a more serene living space, managing your dog's yapping to allow both of you to enjoy a more peaceful environment.

Elevate your pet's training with the Smart Dog Bark Collar B800. This advanced tool combines cutting-edge technology with compassionate, effective training methods. It's designed to fit dogs of all sizes, providing a reliable and humane way to reduce excessive barking. Witness the positive change in the behavior of your pup and enjoy a calmer, more peaceful home. Plus, benefit from the convenience of free shipping within 8-12 days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dominic Garcia

Setting up and using this collar was super easy. My dogs have a few issues that need attention, but Phill, our newest addition, had a serious barking problem. He would bark at anything and everything—birds, leaves, sounds, you name it. His behavior was starting to rub off on our other well-behaved dogs, so I needed a solution fast. This collar turned out to be the answer.

Hailey M
Finally, silence

We recently acquired two Pekinese mix dogs from our niece, who had given them to us. They had a habit of incessant barking, which I found quite bothersome. Despite my efforts to train them otherwise, they seemed uninterested in learning. So, I decided to purchase these collars and put them on the dogs. The sound alone from the collars is enough to stop their barking, followed by a gentle vibration. I am thrilled with the results and very pleased with my purchase!

LOVE these devices!

We have two dogs of very different sizes: a golden retriever named Lev and a Pomeranian named Lolly. This handy set is perfect for both of them. We appreciate the ability to choose between shock, vibration and beep modes. Also, the fact that it is waterproof and rechargeable is a big plus. Highly recommended!

Luke Gray
These collars are user friendly, reliable. So far so good.

Love these collars. They work amazingly well for my pups! I couldn't be more happier and calmer now!

It works so good with the vibration mode.

I had high hopes for these collars for my dogs, Kara and Nika. While it has helped with Nika's barking, it doesn't seem to work well for Kara's stubbornness. The color display and mode selection are great features, but it's a little bit disappointing that it doesn't have the same impact on both dogs.

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