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Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 Black - Rechargeable, Waterproof IPX68, Small to Large Dogs, Adjustable 5-22in, Color Display

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Product Description

Introduce tranquility to your home with our Advanced Black Bark Collar B800 – a sleek, rechargeable, and waterproof dog bark collar designed for the modern pet owner. This adjustable bark collar is the perfect fusion of technology and comfort, crafted to address and prevent the disruptive barking of your beloved canine. Tailored for dogs of all sizes, it's the ultimate tool for fostering a harmonious living environment.

Key Highlights:

Rechargeable Efficiency: Embrace the convenience of our collar's rechargeable feature, eliminating the need for frequent battery purchases. Continuous, uninterrupted control is at your fingertips.

Waterproof Excellence: With an impressive IPX68 waterproof rating, this device ensures your dog's barking control doesn't falter, no matter the weather. Let your pet enjoy their outdoor escapades without worry.

Customizable Comfort: The collar fits snugly around dogs of all sizes, from 5 to 22 inches in length. It's designed to ensure your pet's utmost comfort while maintaining a stylish appearance.

Vivid Color Display: Monitoring and adjusting settings is a breeze with the collar's clear and colorful display. It adds a modern touch while enhancing user-friendly navigation.

Versatile Training Modes: Adapt your training strategy with options including beep, vibration, and a gentle shock mode. These varied settings help guide your pet towards quieter behavior gently and humanely.

Compassionate Training: We prioritize your dog's safety and comfort. The varied stimulation modes are carefully calibrated to ensure a humane and effective training experience, focusing on positive reinforcement.

Peaceful Coexistence: Say goodbye to the days of endless barking. Our Black Collar B800 is your solution to maintaining a peaceful home, allowing you and your pet to enjoy a quieter, more serene environment.

Embrace the change that the Advanced Black Bark Collar B800 brings. Its blend of sophisticated technology and compassionate design is tailored for your canine, promising a stronger bond and a more peaceful household. Equip your pet with this tool, and witness a significant transformation in their behavior and the overall ambiance of your home.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Hunter Chavez
Works well!

I appreciate its durability and weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use in various conditions. The rechargeable battery boasts a decent lifespan, alleviating concerns about frequent battery replacements.

Reagan S
So far, works.

This collar offers three different features in one, providing flexibility in training methods. Surprisingly, I found that the beep alone was sufficient to deter my dog from excessive barking


I appreciated how straightforward it was to set up the collars and how user-friendly they are. The beep and vibrate modes have been effective in managing my dog's barking, much to the relief of both myself and my neighbors.

Good value product.

This B800 dog barking collar is a real saviour! Our golden retriever is used to barking at everything, but this collar works wonders. The colour display makes it easy to adjust the settings and the water resistance is fantastic for our water-loving dog.

Mason and Sam
Lifesaver device!

Being a family with a newborn, we struggled with our dog's excessive barking. This collar made a difference. The adjustable fit is perfect for our little dog and the colourful display is a nice addition. The dog doesn't bark anymore, which means it's quieter in the house. Highly recommended!

Doesn't wowk as we expected..

Our huskies, Lev and Kodiak, are quite vocal, and we were hoping that this collar would help them. It did reduce their barking a bit, but it didn't do as well as we had expected. It's good, but not perfect for our active duo.

Emma Jackson
Thank you, works.

Great product .

Noah Taylor
not bad

I was sceptical about barking collars, but the B800 has exceeded my expectations. Our boxer has reduced his barking significantly. The battery life is impressive and the waterproofing means we don't have to worry about playing in the rain. A definite must-have for any dog owner.

It works

The collar B800 has proven to be effective for our dog. Her barking has noticeably decreased and the waterproof feature is a great addition. However, we found that it wasn't as effective in dealing with stubborn barking episodes. Overall, not such a bad investment for our peace of mind.

Mia Harris
The BEST purchase ever!

I am impressed with this collar. Our German Shepherd used to drive us and the neighbours crazy with his barking. This collar has brought us relief. The functionality is amazing and the fact that it is rechargeable and waterproof makes it a total winner.

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