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Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 Grey - Rechargeable, Waterproof IPX68, Small to Large Dogs, Adjustable 5-22in, Color Display

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Product Description

Discover calmness for both you and your pet with our Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 Grey. This advanced anti bark collar is designed to effectively and humanely control your dog's woofing, ensuring a peaceful environment. Suitable for small to large breeds, this rechargeable, waterproof device promises comfort and reliability.

Key Features:

Rechargeable Convenience: Eliminate the annoyance of constant battery changes. Our Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 is equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable battery, providing uninterrupted control and convenience.

Robust Waterproof IPX68 Rating: Whether it's a drizzle or a downpour, this collar is ready. With its superior IPX68 waterproof rating, your puppy can enjoy their time outdoors without any worry about the device malfunctioning.

Versatile Adjustable Fit: Designed to fit a range of sizes from 5 to 22 inches, this adjustable bark collar ensures a comfortable fit for dogs both small and large, ensuring maximum comfort and style.

Clear Color Display: Stay informed with a glance. The intuitive color display of the collar allows for easy monitoring and adjustments, adding a modern edge to its functionality.

Diverse Training Modes: With the inclusion of beep, vibration, and gentle shock modes, this no bark collar for dogs offers various ways to guide your pet towards quieter behavior humanely and effectively.

Gentle, Humane Training: We prioritize your canine's well-being. The various stimulation modes of this tool are carefully designed to provide a safe training experience, focusing on positive reinforcement and humane behavior correction.

A More Peaceful Home: Say goodbye to unwanted noise and hello to tranquility. The Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 is your ally in reducing excessive woofing, helping to foster a calmer living space for you and your pet.

The Smart Dog Bark Collar B800 Grey isn't just a device; it's a solution to improve the behavior of your canine companion gently and effectively. It's tailored to fit dogs of all sizes, providing a reliable and humane way to prevent unwanted barking. Experience a newfound sense of peace and a stronger bond with your pet, all while enjoying the convenience of free shipping within 8-12 days.


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Clara Peterson
Does what it should

This serves as a fantastic alternative to traditional e-collars. Initially, I was hesitant to use e-collars on my dog due to concerns about causing harm. However, this collar provides a gentler approach, primarily relying on sound and vibrations, which are often sufficient to interrupt unwanted behavior. As a barking aid, it has proven to be a valuable tool.

Julian Hughes
Love it so much!

I was seeking a solution to reduce my dogs' barking when I'm away or when they're with someone else. Neighbor complaints about their barking during my workday prompted my search, but I was reluctant to use a shock collar. After trying various options without success, I discovered this collar. After a week of the usage, my dogs were unfazed by the beeping, but the buzzing prompted them to stop barking and resume their normal activities. Even without the collar, they bark less frequently now, which is a relief as I prefer not to keep it on them continuously.

Mark Edwards
Great so far

Our dog has learned faster than I expected. We have been putting him in our garage at night because he sometimes barks at night at every blade of grass on our 13 acres. .If we tried to get him, he would sneak off into the darkness to another location and bark there. I left him out just after dark with the collar on vibrate and watched. He would make two barks and then look like he was puzzled what had just happened. I think he triggered it 9 times that evening. He also hung around the house more. He would usually bark a little when we let him out in the morning like he was announcing to the world that the boss was back on the job. Now he isn't doing that. I've only been leaving it on him for about 30-60 minutes in the morning and evening. This morning it showed that he only triggered it once. I did see it get triggered one morning when he shook his head right after I had put the collar on. I suspect the noise of his flapping hears combined with the shaking movement triggered it. Another time it beeped several times right after I finished putting it on him with no apparent reason. I don't think it vibrated though and I haven't witnessed that again. The battery came showing a full charge and I haven't charged it yet. It's probably ran a total of 5 hours or so. I'm really surprised that he doesn't bark more just out of habit.

We have a remote controlled buzz and vibrate collar but the range of the remote is really short. The shock feature on that one is so mild a dog probably wouldn't care if it triggered. Based on that I tested level 2 of the Pawious collar on my hand and I didn't want any more of that. It's nothing like an electric fence shock. It's more like one of those electronic muscle therapy devices but more intense.

We also have another problem with this dog being an unwelcome visitor at our neighbor's house. If the bark collar continues to work well for another few weeks, I will probably order the gps fence version.

Elijah Martin

A real miracle worker! Our pup was barking non-stop, driving us and the neighbours crazy. This collar changed the situation. Our house is now calm and our neighbours are relieved. A must-have for dog owners.

I like the design, it fits good and it works!

The sleek design and adjustable fit are ideal for small dogs. The colour display is a real eye-catcher. Thank you!

Logan and Suzy
I wish it would be more effective

Our dog Charlie and I had high hopes for the B800. While it is effective at curbing his barking, it is not as effective during more determined barking episodes. The collar is well-designed and waterproof, but it seems to be better suited to less stubborn dogs

Charlotte Robinson
This device is amazingly helpful, thank you.

We were at a loss because of our Labrador's excessive barking. This device made a difference. The adjustable size makes it suitable for large dogs, and the waterproofness is perfect for our water-loving pal. By the way, it is much more affordable than other options.

Caleb Hall
Highly recommend!

Our French bulldog Bella used to drive us crazy with her constant barking. But this collar has worked wonders. Bella's barking attacks have significantly decreased and the recharge function is very convenient. We are all happy, NO more stress!

Like it SOO much!

I am extremely impressed with this collar. Our husky is known for her persistent barking, but this collar has put an end to that. Thanks to the creators!


We have seen positive changes in our dog's behavior thanks to the Smart Dog B800. Her barking has decreased and the adjustable design is comfortable for her. However, when Bella is stubborn, the collar is not always as effective as we had hoped.

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