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Dog Training Collar T330 for Large Dogs - 1000ft Range, IPX 7 Waterproof

  • 1 Dog Set
  • 2 Dog Set
  • Additional Receiver
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • 30-Day Returns

1Supports 3 Training Modes
3 Control Channels & 3 Safe Training Modes: Offers variable tone, vibration, and adjustable shock levels to correct unwanted behavior effectively.
2Strap Size 11-27in
This device is tailored for medium and large dogs over 6 months age. The strap can be adjusted from minimal 11in to maximal 27in.
3Long lasting battery
Use the safety lock to disable the remote between training sessions and help prevent accidental stimulation. Battery will last for many days.

Long Range - up to 1000ft

Long-range wireless remote works from up to 1,000 feet away

Works for Multiple Dogs

1 Remote connects up to two collars at the same time (additional collars sold separately). Simply choose the dog you want to send the warning.

3 Training Modes

This remote collar for dogs offers a choice between three types of stimulation—sound, vibration, and static feedback. With a range of signal strengths, you can start with a gentle correction and gradually increase to determine which method your canine responds to optimally.

Product Description

Introducing the Dog Shock Collar Dog Training Collar with Remote, a reliable and effective tool to train your dog. This waterproof shock collar offers three control channels and three safe training modes, including tone function, vibration, and adjustable shock levels.

Designed for pet owners, dog walkers, and professional trainers, it helps correct undesirable behaviors such as chewing, barking, biting, and digging. With a lengthy runtime of 30 days and quick 2-hour charging, this electronic collar ensures convenience and efficiency.

Its 100% waterproof receiver allows your dog to freely play in various environments, while the 1000 ft range provides ample space for training without losing control.

It features a unique 2023 design where the prongs are located on the collar itself, rather than on the box device as in traditional collars. This innovative design not only reduces potential pressure on your dog's neck but also allows for the inclusion of four prongs instead of the usual two. This enhanced contact ensures better effectiveness, even when dealing with the most stubborn dogs. By maximizing contact and minimizing discomfort, our black dog training collar offers an improved training experience for both you and your furry companion.

The safety lock feature prevents accidental activation, and the remote can control up to three dog collars simultaneously.

Adjustable and comfortable for neck sizes ranging from 11-24 inches, this dog training e-collar is suitable for dogs weighing 8-120 lbs.

Key Product Features:

  1. 3 Control Channels & 3 Safe Training Modes: Offers variable tone, vibration, and adjustable shock levels to correct unwanted behavior effectively.
  2. Long Battery Life & Quick Charging: Provides a 30-day runtime and can be fully charged within 2 hours for uninterrupted training sessions.
  3. 100% Waterproof and 1000 ft Range: Allows your canine to play freely in water and offers a substantial training range without losing control.
  4. Safety Lock and Multi-Dog Compatibility: Prevents accidental activation and enables control of up to three dog collars simultaneously.
  5. Adjustable Design for Comfort and Versatility: Fits neck sizes from 11-24 inches, accommodating a wide range of dogs from small to large breeds.

    In the Box

    • Remote Controller

    • 1 or 2 Receivers depending on the set

    • User Manual

    • Charger, test light, lanyard

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Emma Garcia
    It works well for our lab

    The T330 dog training collar has changed our Labrador's life. The adjustable shock level allowed us to find the perfect balance for his training needs. The quick charge is a fantastic feature. And we really appreciate the waterproof design.

    Well done product

    We have two energetic beagles in our family. These collars have been a real godsend for them. The quick charge is incredibly convenient for busy days. The adjustable shock level has allowed us to customise the training to suit each dog's individual needs. Both of our dogs have shown significant improvements. So I am extremely happy and so is my husband.

    It works, but nt as I expected..

    do appreciate the fast charging and waterproof design, which my dog has already tried out. My puppy's behaviour has improved, but I have noticed that it is not as effective when she is stubborn. Perhaps she will get used to it and this collar will work even during periods of stubbornness.

    Daniel R.
    The BEST purchase ever!

    Amazing! It works! Great product for the great price!

    M V
    Overall, great collar.

    This training collar has been a blessing for our Shih Tzu. The quick exercises save his life. We have noticed a significant improvement in his behaviour. Free shipping and good price make this collar a fantastic purchase.

    James Martinez
    Doesn't work anymore, at least customer team was helpful

    Unfortunately, the collar broke after just 2 weeks of usage. But I've contacted the customer team and they were quite helpful.

    Sofia C.
    So impressive device!

    On a horse farm with 4 lively Australian shepherds that adore barking and chasing, I decided to buy a second set of collars after getting the first. The convenience of controlling them in pairs with a single remote has been a real blessing in keeping all my wild ones in check. What I appreciate most is the straightforward cycling through beep/vibrate/shock options using separate buttons for each and distinct intensity levels for both options and individual dogs. These collars have impressed me so much that I've been suggesting them to my friends!

    Eve Griffin
    Stops my dog's barking.

    To tackle my dog's incessant barking at anyone and anything passing by our house, I decided to purchase this collar. Once it arrived, I promptly placed it on her and grasped the remote, anticipating the next walker with a dog to appear. It didn't take long before someone came into sight, and as expected, she started barking. With a firm "NO," I triggered the sound button, and she immediately ceased her barks, crouching low. I reiterated my command, and from that day on, I've occasionally activated the collar, sometimes not, as merely showing her the remote makes her hush and behave. Even when those pesky squirrels dash across our pool screen, she can't resist the urge to bark, but with a quick sound button press, she stops. Overall, I find this collar quite satisfying as it has brought much-needed peace and quiet to our home. The seller's swift shipment and thoughtful message offering assistance if needed were commendable. For the purpose of my review, I haven't utilized the vibration or shock functions, focusing solely on the sound option.

    Alexander Cooper
    Thank you! Amazing collar even for my stubborn, long-haired dog.

    I must say, this product is fantastic! Our border collies used to be incredibly stubborn and wouldn't pay attention to our commands. They were continuously barking and ignoring our calls. However, once I placed these collars on them, and they started their non-stop barking, a quick beep did the trick, and they stopped right away. Now, they respond much better to our commands. Moreover, there was a minor issue with the power button on one collar, but the exceptional customer service promptly resolved it. Just a heads up - I also have a wireless fence for our yard, and both the wireless receiver and training receiver work flawlessly without any interference.

    It has so many to offer! Love it!

    I find it appealing that this collar offers three distinct modes: sound, vibrate, and shock. However, I have no intention of using the shock feature. Instead, I have tried the vibrate function on both my dogs, and it immediately put an end to their undesirable behavior. The behavior was severe enough to warrant the vibrate mode, surpassing what the sound mode could handle. Considering I have a small, small-medium, and large dog, this collar serves its purpose perfectly, catering to all of them, which was exactly what I required. Also, it includes extra prongs, a great addition for accommodating dogs of different sizes. Previously, I encountered difficulties finding a suitable collar for my small and small-medium dog, as they often suffered from neck irritation. However, this one has yet to cause any irritation, leaving me quite pleased with its performance.