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Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs Chews - 9 oz

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Product Description

✅ Natural Flea & Tick Prevention - Protect your dog from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites using our natural supplement. Our exclusive blend of natural ingredients serves as a deterrent, helping to shield your furry friend from the discomfort of pest bites.

✅ Builds Gradually - For the best results, give these flea and tick prevention chewable tablets to your dogs on a daily basis. This will help build up the necessary level of protection over time for a few weeks. Meanwhile, your dog will love these amazing chicken-flavored treats.

✅ Safe and Natural - Crafted in the USA, our flea and tick control for dogs contains solely natural ingredients. This chewable tablet not only delights your dog's taste buds but also ensures safety for all breeds and ages.

✅ Best Alternative for Collars, Sprays and Oils -These Chews are much more convenient for long-term protection and maintaining results. Just check the dosage according to your dog's weight and simply give your canine these flea and tick chews in one or two servings on daily basis.

✅ No Age or Breed Limits: These antiflea treats can be used for adult dogs and puppies of any breed. Just make sure to administer the correct dosage. Please note that this product is not intended as a medicine or cure. In case of severe infestation, we recommend consulting your veterinarian and then using this product to maintain long-term defense.

✅ Certified Excellence - Our flea and tick chewables for dogs are crafted with utmost dedication to quality. Free from corn, palm, soy, canola, cellulose and GMOs, our commitment to excellence shines. Manufactured in a GMP certified facility in the USA, our product ensures top-tier safety and efficacy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Zoe Carter
Love these chews

Max is my lovely pup, but those pesky fleas made his days gloomy. Tried numerous solutions until stumbling upon these chews. Natural ingredients were a huge plus for me, and within weeks, Max was itch-free! Plus, he adores the taste! Love this product!

Nolan m
These chews work.

I like the natural formula. No more fleas!

maya s
a great product

We are using oil, but my vel also recommended to try an additional protection. So, I have found these chews. My dog really enjoys eating them.I love free shipment.

Didn't regret

As a dog owner, nothing's more reassuring than a natural solution. These chews not only taste incredibly tasty (according to my dog's wagging tail!) but they've also made our walks worry-free from those pesky pests.

I see the difference. Nice price. My dog likes the taste.

We used this as part of our battle against fleas on our Lab instead of giving him medication. It seemed to make a difference.

Zachary Huang
Seems as a great product. Works!

I had to stop giving my dog monthly meds for fleas and ticks because they were causing seizures. So, I thought I'd try something different after reading good stuff about these. I began giving them to our dog daily. He's aprox 45 lbs.Seems as an effective treatment. No ticks haven't been noticed yet.

Harper Olsen

No matter how much I used topicals, sprayed natural stuff, vacuumed, bathed, nothing worked. But these chews have TOTALLY ERASED THE FLEAS. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

Efortless giving.

Giving my dog these chews every morning brings me peace of mind. She eagerly waits for it and happily eats it, so she must really enjoy the flavor. My pup can be picky about food, but she seems to prefer these chews over anything else.

mia mia
Good product!


Olivia Richardson
It is good as an additional support

Dogs really enjoy these, but they don't completely get rid of fleas for outdoor dogs. I tried doubling the dosage, and the fleas have decreased a lot, plus no ticks at all. It's the best flea control I've found, but it is not a treatment .

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