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Dog Training E-Collar T330 for Large Dogs - 1000ft Range, IPX 7 Waterproof, 2 Dog Set

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1Supports 3 Training Modes
3 Control Channels & 3 Safe Training Modes: Offers variable tone, vibration, and adjustable shock levels to correct unwanted behavior effectively.
2Strap Size 11-27in
This device is tailored for medium and large dogs over 6 months age. The strap can be adjusted from minimal 11in to maximal 27in.
3Long lasting battery
Use the safety lock to disable the remote between training sessions and help prevent accidental stimulation. Battery will last for many days.

Long Range - up to 1000ft

Long-range wireless remote works from up to 1,000 feet away

Works for Multiple Dogs

1 Remote connects up to two collars at the same time (additional collars sold separately). Simply choose the dog you want to send the warning.

3 Training Modes

This remote collar for dogs offers a choice between three types of stimulation—sound, vibration, and static feedback. With a range of signal strengths, you can start with a gentle correction and gradually increase to determine which method your canine responds to optimally.

Product Description

Designed for pet owners, dog walkers, and professional trainers, this remote training collar aids in the correction of undesirable behaviors such as chewing, barking, biting, and digging using a technique that combines sound, vibration, and static stimulation. With a lengthy runtime of 30 days and quick 2-hour charging, this wireless collar ensures convenience and efficiency.

Its 100% waterproof receiver allows your dog to freely play in various environments, while the 1000 ft range provides ample space for dog e-collar training without losing control.

The collar boasts a distinctive 2023 design, positioning the prongs directly on the collar instead of a separate box device like traditional models. This approach lessens the chance of neck pressure on your canine and incorporates four prongs, doubling the typical two.

A safety lock ensures there's no unintended activation, and a single remote has the capability to manage three collars at once.

Adjustable and comfortable for neck sizes ranging from 11-24 inches, this dog training collar is suitable for dogs weighing 8-120 lbs.

Key Product Features:

  1. 3 Control Channels & 3 Safe Training Modes: Offers variable tone, vibration, and adjustable shock levels to correct unwanted behaviors effectively.
  2. Long Battery Life & Quick Charging: Provides a 30-day runtime and can be fully charged within 2 hours for uninterrupted training sessions.
  3. 100% Waterproof and 1000 ft Range: Allows your pet to play freely in water and offers a substantial training range without losing control.
  4. Safety Lock and Multi-Dog Compatibility: Prevents accidental activation and enables control of up to three dog collars simultaneously.
  5. Adjustable Design for Comfort and Versatility: Fits neck sizes from 11-24 inches, accommodating a wide range of dogs from small to large breeds.

    In the Box

    • 8

      Remote Controller

    • Receiver_f7a756d2-de5e-4197-9598-5e2b983aa1be

      1 or 2 Receivers depending on the set

    • Instr_27dbba7f-1e79-4822-a3c5-d98f4f3a9201

      User Manual

    • 8_-_Copy_2

      Charger, test light, lanyard

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lincoln Nn
    I am so pleased with this purchase.

    best training device available, although I haven't used shock! I mainly use the vibrate mode.

    Savannah Young

    So far this product has proven to be highly effective for my active dogs who enjoy spending time in the water.

    I like it!

    This set has really changed my training with Golden Retrievers. The adjustable shock level has been a crucial tool in tailoring training to their needs. The quick charge function ensures that we are always ready to train! and the waterproof design can withstand their outdoor adventures. Convenient controls and a pleasing design make it a pleasure to use. Overall, I like this product!

    Jonathan A
    It seems as a great device.

    Not bad. The adjustable shock level was effective in training my dogs and the quick charge is convenient. However, it did not seem to be perfect for my stubborn puppy Rich. Despite this, the performance of the collar was satisfactory.

    E D
    This device works and has made a big improvement in my life!

    We are very happy with the collars for our black German Shepherd and Border Collie. The waterproof design is perfect for their love of water. By the way, they have already tested it and it works!!! Fast charging is extremely convenient. The user-friendly controls and nice design make training a pleasure.

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