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Dog Training E-Collar T680 for Hunting - 1400ft Range, IPX68 Waterproof, for Large Dogs, 2 Dog Set

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Product Description

Pawious advanced hunting dog training collar, the Remote Dog Trainer T680, is meticulously crafted from premium and enduring materials. As a long distance shock collar, it stands as an ideal choice for the avid hunter in you. Designed to stand the test of time, this wireless collar is not only durable but also offers unparalleled performance, making it a must-have addition to your hunting arsenal. 

Key Product Features:

  1. Premium Durability: Our device is crafted from top-tier materials, this training collar is built to withstand rugged hunting conditions while maintaining its superior quality.
  2. Tailored for Hunting: Tailored for Hunting: Perfectly suited for hunting enthusiasts, this collar aids in training your canine companion using a technique that ensures they're at the top of their game during hunting expeditions.
  3. Enhanced Training Modes: Select from three humane training modes – sound, vibration, and static – to provide the right correction and refine your dog's behavior, ensuring a well-rounded and effective regimen.
  4. Long-Range Control: Equipped with easy-to-identify buttons, the collar can be operated via touch from an impressive operational range of up to 1,400 feet, providing you with the ultimate control over your dog's actions.
  5. Rechargeable - enjoy the ease of rechargeable lithium polymer batteries for both the transmitter and collar, providing you with a sustainable power source for extended training sessions.

Elevate your hunting experience with the Pawious Remote Training collar. Specially designed for dogs weighing 10 to 120 pounds, this collar boasts a sleek and waterproof construction, allowing your furry companion to train in various conditions. The collar's adaptable modes – encompassing sound, vibration, and static stimulation – grant you the flexibility to choose the most effective training approach for your dog's unique temperament.

Experience the convenience of a rapid two-hour charge with lithium polymer batteries that power both the transmitter and collar, ensuring uninterrupted training sessions. Say goodbye to excessive barking as you equip your loyal companion with the skills needed to thrive in the hunting field. Measure your pet for the perfect fit and transform them into the ultimate hunting partner. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jonathan B

It's a bit heavier than I anticipated, but it still works wonderfully for training my mischievous pups

Christian Griffin
Overall, I like it

After approximately two months of use, the beep button has stopped working. However, customer service replaced it!

The buzz function was effective for my rescue dog, but my spoiled girl never seemed to notice it. We don't use the shock feature on the dogs.

I appreciated the ease of switching between dogs. However, I wish there had been an option for a double beep to signal both dogs simultaneously, although it was still an improvement over using two separate devices.

Paisley K
Exceptional devices

Firstly, the size and weight are just right for my two Labradors. The battery life is fantastic, and having one remote for both dogs is a great feature. It can last more than two days on a single full charge if needed.

This tool is excellent for training dogs and reminding them that certain behaviors are not acceptable, redirecting their focus to what is being asked, and then praising them. We use the beep feature to call the dogs back to me, while the vibrate feature helps to interrupt their actions and redirect their focus on the command or pause undesirable behavior with correction, followed by praise. I hardly need to use the shock feature except in extreme situations.

Kennedy M.
So good

I mainly rely on the vibrate and beep functions to train my highly energetic and easily distracted rescue dogs. These features help them focus on my voice commands and prevent them from chasing after squirrels, deer, or other enticing smells. This decice offers a good price, reliable battery life, and consistent performance.


I have 2 dogs, Rommy and Bella. This collar works great! And coped with my active puppies! I am completely satisfied. It's a must-have for the dog owners!

LOVE these devices!

Charlie and Daisy, our dogs, are always active and always together. Sometimes they get carried away with their games and don't listen to my commands, so I needed this collar. The quality is exceptional and the collar is very pleasant to the touch. So far, so good. I ordered it recently, so I don't see a big result yet, but they are starting to listen to me

Owen Lewis
These collars are user friendly, reliable. So far so good.

These collars have been a game-changer for our Weimaraners!

Isabella T.
It works so good and my dogs have become more obedient. Thank you!

They work quite well. My dogs are starting to listen to my commands. Also, I really appreciate the free shipping!

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