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Dog Bark Collar B600, 2 pack - Rechargeable, Waterproof Anti Barking Collar

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Product Description

Introducing the B600 Waterproof Dog Bark Collar, a 2-pack set specifically designed as a stop barking collar for your canine companions. This large dog bark collar is a dependable and smart training device aimed at addressing and mitigating excessive woofing. It offers a tailored and impactful approach to training, ensuring your pup learns to curb their howling habits effectively. With advanced features and a considerate design, this collar provides a secure and comfortable way to manage your pet's behavior.

Key Product Features:

Sound and Vibration Training Mode: The B600 collar employs sound and vibration to accurately trigger the training mode. This design is intended to eliminate false activations, ensuring the device responds specifically to your dog's bark. This feature aids in preventing unnecessary corrections and fosters a more precise training process.

Diverse Training Modes: The collar offers a range of customizable training options. You can choose between modes like vibration or mild electric stimulation, allowing you to select the most suitable and efficient method to discourage excessive barking and encourage better behavior.

Nighttime Safety with Reflective Tape: Equipped with reflective tape, the B600 collar enhances your large dog's visibility during night walks or in dim conditions. This feature is crucial for keeping your pet visible and safe from potential hazards.

Comfort with Silicone Prongs: The B600 is fitted with silicone prongs that are gentle on your dog's skin and coat. These prongs ensure a comfortable wearing experience, allowing your pet to wear the collar for prolonged periods without any irritation.

Robust Waterproof Design: Built to endure various weather conditions, the B600 is completely waterproof. This durable design allows you to confidently utilize the collar in any weather, ensuring consistent functionality.

Equip your dogs with the B600 Waterproof Dog Bark Collar, and take a step towards a more peaceful and well-managed household. Its intelligent training modes, enhanced night visibility, comfort-focused design, and all-weather resilience make it a trustworthy and effective tool for controlling and preventing excessive yapping.

Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping within 9-12 days and start your journey towards better bark behavior and a quieter environment with your beloved pets.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Evan Ortiz

I've always been hesitant about using bark collars on my dogs, but circumstances led me to try these out. With six dogs, I was concerned about the collars mistakenly correcting dogs who weren't barking. However, I've been pleasantly surprised so far. Even when multiple dogs bark simultaneously, the collars have managed to accurately correct only the ones who were barking. I'm impressed with their performance!!!!

Peyton Rogers

Work. Thanks

Dylan Brooks
Impressive result!

These barking dog collars have been a lifesaver for our household. The sound and vibration training mode is effective, and the waterproof design is suitable for one of our dogs who loves to play in the water. The barking attacks have been drastically reduced and the reflective tape is great for late night walks. The convenience of the set, along with free shipping, makes it an extremely good deal.

Victoria P. & Arnold P.
So easy to use.

Our dachshunds, Monica and Oscar, drove us crazy with their barking. These devices have really made a difference. The sound and vibration training mode is suitable for both dogs. The silicone pins provide comfort and the reflective tape is an added bonus for safety during walks. We are impressed with the results and the affordability compared to other brands is a big plus.

I am dissapointed.

These collards don't work for both of my dogs. The only advantage is the reflective tape. It is very useful in the dark time.

Leah Griffin
Work great with my furry friends 🐾

These collars have had a noticeable effect on our Shih Tzu, Ginny, and our Maltese, Sam. However, we have noticed that they are not as effective during stubborn moments when Sam is stubborn. Nevertheless, a great set of collars to reduce barking. Works perfectly with Jinny's barking.

Caleb Murphy
Effective solution.

The multiple training modes are effective, and the waterproof design is perfect for my dog's outdoor adventures. LOVE IT!!

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