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Dog Training E-Collar T700 - Waterproof, Long Lasting Rechargeable Battery, 650ft Range

  • 1 dog set
  • Additional Receiver
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  • 1 Year Warranty

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Product Description

The T700 is a rechargeable remote dog training collar that serves as a versatile and reliable training device designed to assist pet owners and canine trainers in teaching basic obedience commands and correcting unwanted behaviors in their dogs. This dog electronic collar stands out with its remote-controlled ability to train one or two dogs individually or simultaneously, offering a convenient and effective training solution. The easy-to-use wireless remote controller features a large LCD display, while the small, lightweight, and waterproof e-collar ensures durability, safety, and comfort for your furry companion.

Key Product Features:

  1. Train 1 or 2 Dogs Individually or Together: The T700 Dog Training Collar allows you to train one or two dogs separately or simultaneously, making it suitable for multi-dog households. With an easy-to-use remote controller, you can effortlessly manage and control each dog's training sessions.
  2. Multiple Correction Options: The collar offers a range of correction options to address various behaviors. It includes a warning tone, adjustable levels of vibration, and humane static pulse shock stimulation. You have the flexibility to use these corrections individually or in combination, providing effective training tailored to your dog's needs using the right behavior technique.
  3. Simple and Effective Training: With the push of a button, you can gain control over your dog and teach them basic obedience commands or correct unwanted barking. This user-friendly training collar simplifies the training process, making it accessible to both puppy and adult dogs.
  4. Rugged and Waterproof Design: The collar receiver is designed with rugged construction, ensuring durability and reliability in various outdoor training settings. It is fully waterproof and submersible with an IPX7 rating, allowing your dog to wear it during water-based activities or in harsh weather conditions.
  5. Humane and Safety Features: The T700 collar includes a safety-lock feature, programmed to stop vibration or static pulse if a button is held for more than 10 seconds. This ensures the collar is used safely and provides peace of mind, whether in training sessions or when left on the dog alone.

The T700 Dog Training Collar is a special and worthy investment due to its unique features and benefits. With a battery status indicator, long-lasting battery life, extended range, and the ability to train one or two dogs individually or together, this collar provides a comprehensive training solution. Its rugged and waterproof design makes it suitable for outdoor activities, while its humane and safety features prioritize your dog's well-being and peace of mind during training sessions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Hannah K

This is my second time purchasing this dog collar. It's very effective for training dogs and allows me to walk my dog off the leash with no worries.

Christopher West
It gives the fast, which I appreciate.

My boxer, Lia, is 7 years old and is generally well-trained. However, lately, she hasn't always come to me when called. Now, I use this collar (only on beep and sometimes vibrate), and she immediately responds!

Natalie Sullivan
Love how it performs

Works great. I only have to use the vibration mode to get the dog to obey

Chloe A
I didn't expect, but it works awesome.

Tbh, I was a little bit skeptical about this collar, but it works!! The rugged and waterproof design is perfect for our outdoor adventures. The simple and effective training process has made a significant difference in my dog's behaviour.

Calen and Zara
Works cool for our pups.

We're impressed with the results we've achieved using this T700 collar is amazing! Thank you!

Olivia Turner
The idea isn't bad, and it works in the most cases

Although it performed well for one of my dogs, I noticed that it was a little less responsive during the other one stubborn moments. Also, there were some minor shipping issues, but the customer support team was quick to resolve them.


The T700 has made a big difference to our Border Collie's behaviour. The modern design is attractive and sits comfortably on the dog. The sturdy and waterproof design is essential for our dog, who loves the outdoors. The various correction options are effective, although sometimes not very helpful in moments of stubbornness. We had some minor issues with the setup, but the customer support team resolved them quickly. Thanks!

Amazing battery life

I really like the fact that I've charged only once and it works so long. It is an execellent solution for someone who wants to have an obedient dog. I also use it to control my dog's bark. I definitely recomment it! If it suits your needs, don't hesitate to buy it!

Savannah B
The distance and the battery life really impressed me

Our family has 2 dogs. We've got 2 chocolate labs. I love the battery life. I charge it ONCE every 2-3 weeks! AMAZING! and I like the ability to use one remote for both dogs. Also, I was a big surprise for me that I can customize the intensity of shock. I haven't used it yet, but I really like the fact that I can use the low shock intensity.One more amazing feature of this product is that I can let my dogs to swim in the lake with no worries because the collar is waterproof. And my dogs have already tested it :) Collars still work pefectly.

No need to use the shock mode.

It performs its job really well.I only use the sound and vibration mode.

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