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Dog Training E-Collar T776 - Rechargeable, Long Range 2700ft, LED Light Mode

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Product Description

Enhance your dog training experience with the advanced and versatile rechargeable dog training collar, the T776. As a dog electronic tool, it's designed to empower pet owners and canine trainers alike, offering a comprehensive set of features to ensure successful and harmonious training sessions. Whether you're working on obedience, curbing unwanted behaviors using techniques, or refining your furry friend's skills, the dog shock collar with remote T776 is here to make every training moment count.

Key Product Features:

  1. Rechargeable Convenience: Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. The T776, a remote-controlled collar, comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, ensuring your wireless control training sessions remain uninterrupted. With a quick charging time and long-lasting power, you can focus on training without worrying about battery life.
  2. Long Range, Maximum Control: Achieve optimal training outcomes even from a distance. The T776 boasts an impressive 2700ft (approximately 875 yards) range, allowing you to work with your dog in various settings, from spacious parks to open fields. Maintain control and give commands with confidence, knowing that your signals will reach your furry companion without fail.
  3. LED Light Mode for Safety: E-collar safety is paramount during training, especially in low-light conditions. The T776's built-in LED Light Mode ensures your dog remains visible and secure, even during evening walks or outdoor training sessions. Enhance visibility, foster a sense of security, and pave the way for productive training sessions, day or night.
  4. Multiple Training Modes: Tailor your training approach to suit your dog's unique temperament and learning style. The T776 offers three distinct training modes – Sound, Shock, and Vibration. Use the sound mode for gentle reminders, vibration mode for subtle corrections, and shock mode for situations requiring immediate attention. Choose the mode that aligns with your training goals and your dog's responsiveness.
  5. Personalized Training: Every dog is unique, and their training needs vary. The T776 empowers you to personalize the correction experience for your furry companion. With adjustable intensity levels within each training mode, you can fine-tune the collar's response to match your dog's sensitivity, ensuring effective communication and consistent progress.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sebastian Washington
It does great

Works great on our very stubborn and smart Blue Heeler, who loves to chase and kill our free-range chickens. Thanks to this collar, he's learned that it's a no-no. There's no need to shock him; he just knows that if he hears the beep, he needs to back off! I just wish the battery life was longer and perhaps the option of a second remote. I and my chickens thank you!

Very good product

My previous shock collar required turning a switch to change between shock and vibrate, but this collar has separate buttons for each function. I'm very happy with it.

Nathan C
seems nice

works pretty well

Logan Nelson
Good product for the good price!

It has really changed my training with my German Shepherd. The long range is impressive, giving us plenty of room for outdoor activities. The fact that it is cheaper than other brands makes it a great option.

Grace Allen
Good value! User-friendly! Love it!

Highly recommended!!!

I like the concept, and how it works

comfortable collar design and multiple training modes have helped our dog make significant progress in her training. The lifespan and rechargeability are impressive. This collar gets five stars from us!

Harper Turner
Don't advise it!

It was a huge disappointment for me and my poodle. I didn't really expect anything, but when I got it, it worked perfectly. I was so happy, and now it doesn't work.

Not effective

We had difficulty training our dog effectively. The comfortable design was appreciated, but the effectiveness of the collar was not enough.

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