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Dog Training E-Collar T776 - Rechargeable, Long Range 2700ft, LED Light Mode, 2 Dog Set

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Product Description

Enhance your dog training experience with the Dog Training Collar T776, an advanced and versatile 2-dog shock collar. As a dog electronic tool, it's designed to empower pet owners and canine trainers alike. This remote-controlled collar offers a comprehensive set of features to ensure successful and harmonious training sessions. Whether you're employing a specific behavior technique, working on obedience, curbing unwanted bark with vibration, or refining your furry friend's skills using the long range shock collar for dogs, the T776 is here to make every training moment count.

Key Product Features:

  1. Rechargeable Convenience: Eliminate the inconvenience of frequent battery replacements. The T776, a wireless training device, offers a rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous training sessions. Its swift charge and enduring battery life let you concentrate on training without battery concerns. 
  2. Long Range, Maximum Control:  The T776 provides an exceptional range of up to 2700ft (around 875 yards), facilitating training in diverse environments, from vast parks to expansive fields. Command with assurance, confident that your instructions will consistently reach your dog. 
  3. LED Light Mode for Safety: E-collar safety is paramount during training, especially in low-light conditions. The T776's built-in LED Light Mode ensures your dog remains visible and secure, even during evening walks or outdoor training sessions. Enhance visibility, foster a sense of security, and pave the way for productive training sessions, day or night. 
  4. Multiple Training Modes: The T776 allows customization to match your dog's individual needs and temperament. It provides three specific modes – Sound, Shock, and Vibration. Depending on your objectives and your dog's behavior, select the most suitable mode, from gentle alerts to immediate corrections. 
  5. Personalized Training: Recognizing that each dog has distinct needs, the T776 enables tailored correction techniques. Its adjustable settings across all training modes allow you to modify the collar's feedback to align with your dog's comfort, promoting clear communication and steady advancement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I can see te result! I am amazed!

I've used this to teach my dogs not to bark excessively when we're playing fetch, and I've only had to use it 2-3 times with one dog and once with the other to teach them the "Quiet" command. I've only used the Beep setting because the recommendation was to start with that and progress as needed—and it hasn't been needed. I think the battery is still full.

Eliana Powell
Actually, not bad

These training collars are amazing—the best set I've ever had. They hold a charge for a very long time, are easy to recharge, have good indicators, and offer great range. My dogs respond well to the tone stimulus, and I rarely have to use the other modes.
My only issue with this system is the collars themselves. While they're made of nice materials, they're hard to adjust, lack a ring to attach a temporary lead if needed, and are made of materials that aren't very high grade.

Easy to understand. Nice design, especially the LED light. Works. Thank you.

This product has made training my Golden Retriever and French Bulldog a breeze. The LED light mode adds an extra layer of safety during evening walks. The rechargeable function and multiple training modes are very convenient and have led to really good results in the dogs' behaviour.

Not bad

Works. The durability of the collar and the comfortable design are worthy of praise. Although the multiple training modes are effective, it did not prove to be ideal for my stubborn puppy Rocky. Nevertheless, the performance of the collar was satisfactory.

Ryan Collins
I like the desidn and the idea, it works well

Great product!! So far so good.

Chloe M
I am dissapointed.

Unfortunately, this collar didn't meet my expectations..

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