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Small Dog Bark Collar - Humane No Shock, No Harmful Prongs, Rechargeable - for Small and Medium Dogs

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Product Description

Created for Small or Medium Dogs - Controlling a dog's excessive barking can be a frustrating challenge for pet owners. Bark collars for dogs are humane behavior modification devices that can help prevent nuisance barking and train canines not to bark unnecessarily. For small breed dogs under 80 pounds, there is a safe, effective no-shock bark collar specially designed for their size.

No Shock & No Neck Prongs Design - This innovative pet training tool emits progressive tones and vibrations to deter barking, without using any painful shocks. The collar for small dogs utilizes sound and vibration rather than electric stimulation to discourage barking before it becomes excessive. This progressive corrections system provides feedback to the dog that its barking behavior needs to stop while avoiding any harm, pain, or negative associations.

No False Triggers - Fitted with specialized sensors, this bark collar for small dogs activates only in response to the unique vibration of the dog's throat when it barks. It will not false trigger from the barks of nearby canines or other ambient noises. The snug yet comfortable fit around the dog's neck also helps prevent unintentional activations. The collar should not be fitted too tightly or loosely on the pet for optimum performance.

Extra Accessories - 4 different color faceplates for bark collars that can change your preferences or your dog's color or gender.

Rechargeable and Rainproof - Customizable with included colored faceplates, this rechargeable device withstands water exposure so dogs can wear it in the rain. When no barking occurs for 60 seconds, the collar enters sleep mode to conserve battery power. By using tones and vibrations instead of shocks to safely and humanely prevent and control barking, this innovative tool helps modify a dog's unwanted vocalizations while avoiding any pain, fear, or trauma during the training process.

Perfect for small and medium breed dogs up to 80 pounds, this humane bark control collar serves as an effective behavior modification tool to curb excessive barking. Using progressive signals rather than punishment, helps owners gently train pets not to bark unnecessarily, preventing nuisance noise and potential complaints. This innovative device offers a safe, ethical solution for frustrated canine owners seeking better control over their dog's vocal habits.


Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
5 stars!

I purchased two of these collars for my two incessantly barking dogs, and they work wonderfully. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy to adjust and understand the settings. I'm impressed by the battery life; the collars only need to be charged every two or three weeks, even with daily use during the day. They serve their purpose effectively, quieting my noisy dogs while remaining sturdy and affordable. Additionally, the company appears to prioritize customer service, which is a big plus in my book. I highly recommend these collars

nancy mcdaniel
Super happy!

I have a westie who over the last few months has become very vocal, barking at anything that moves. The small collar worked quickly. I only had to use it a few times before she got the message. She now growls at the birds and squirrels rather than non stop barking. If she starts to bark I show her the collar and she stops. Highly recommend!

Brooklyn Mitchell
So far so good

I recently acquired the Small Dog Bark Collar for my lively Boston Terrier, and it has truly transformed our home environment. This collar has emerged as a reliable solution for controlling my dog's persistent barking, all while prioritizing his safety and comfort

Aaron Campbell
Thank you!

Setting up and using the collar was a breeze. The user manual offered clear instructions, making it effortless to customize the settings according to my dog's requirements. Thank you for such a user-friendly experience!

Love this concept

A notable aspect of this collar is its humane training method. It employs a blend of sound and vibration to discourage excessive barking without causing any distress or discomfort to my dog. I value its avoidance of painful shocks, which can be unsettling for both pets and owners. Instead, it offers a subtle cue to my dog, guiding him to associate barking with an undesirable sensation.

Diane Patterson
Vibrating collar for small dogs

Ours fell apart 😞 it was working good though!

Amazingly works for our active dog! Thank you!

We were going crazy with the incessant barking of our energetic Labrador. This bark collar has helped us a lot with that. Not only is it sleek and comfortable for our furry friend, but the results were almost instantaneous. The barking stopped and our neighbours finally got some peace of mind. Best of all, it's a much more affordable option compared to other brands. We highly recommend it!

Jackson Smith
So far soooo good.

We have a poodle. Her name is Bella. She had a big problem with barking. This collar has worked wonders! Bella is now calmer and we all enjoy the peacefulness of the house. The rechargeability is also a big plus; no need to worry about running out of batteries. This collar is a real treasure for small dogs like Bella.

Great device

As newlyweds, we have recently moved to a new flat and we wanted to make sure that our Chihuahua was on his best behaviour. This collar has been a real lifesaver. His barking has decreased significantly, which has made our home more peaceful. The soft collar and the fact that it is suitable for small dogs make it a must-have. In addition, the recharge function is very convenient.

Love it!

We were hesitant to use a collar for our French Bulldog Leo, but this collar really exceeded our expectations. Leo's barking has decreased significantly and the recharge function of the collar is fantastic. The fact that it costs less than other brands is a big bonus. We highly recommend this solution!

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