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Dog Bark Collar B800c White - Rechargeable, Advanced Anti Barking Collar, LCD Display

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Product Description

Presenting the Dog Bark Collar B800c White, a rechargeable and advanced anti-barking collar with an LCD, specifically crafted as a bark collar for large dogs. This Smart Bark Waterproof Training Collar is a technologically sophisticated and user-friendly device aimed at assisting pet owners in curbing excessive yapping. With its innovative design and convenient features, this collar delivers effective and efficient training to foster improved behavior in your sizable canine friend.

Key Product Features:

Beep, Vibration & Shock Modes: The Smart Bark collar is equipped with three distinct modes, giving you the liberty to select the most fitting method to train your large dog to control their barking. This versatility ensures a tailored training approach to suit your canine's specific needs and sensitivity.

Intelligent Sensor Activation: Featuring a specialized sensor, this collar accurately detects your dog's throat vibrations, activating solely in response to their woofing. This precision ensures the device specifically targets barking behavior, avoiding false triggers and providing accurate feedback to encourage desired behavior.

Adjustable Intensity Levels: The Smart Bark collar offers both fixed and adjustable intensity levels from 1 to 6. This adaptability allows you to pinpoint the optimal level of stimulation for your large dog's training needs, ensuring both effectiveness and comfort throughout the training process.

User-Friendly LCD Touch Screen: Equipped with an LCD touch screen, the collar provides an intuitive and convenient interface for pet owners. This feature simplifies the process of adjusting settings and navigating options, making the training experience hassle-free and straightforward.

Effortless Magnetic USB Charging: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of frequent battery changes. The collar's magnetic USB charger ensures easy recharging, keeping the device consistently ready for use. Simply attach the charger to the collar's magnetic port for a smooth recharge.

Empower yourself with the Dog Bark Collar B800c White and confidently guide your large pup towards quieter, more controlled behavior. Its advanced features, including multiple training modes, intelligent activation, adjustable intensity, and easy charging, make it an outstanding choice for effective and user-friendly bark control. Embrace a more peaceful relationship with your large canine companion as you lead them to better behavior.

Enjoy the benefit of free shipping with an expected delivery window of 9-12 days, and commence a successful journey to a quieter life with your beloved pet.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Xavier Sullivan
It works

My dog wouldn't stop barking, which was frustrating because I didn't want a small dog that barked at everything. Then my friend introduced me to this collar, and it actually works! I'm amazed!!

Eva Patel
My dog has stopped barking

I've tried other bark collars before, but they didn't work well. The adjustable settings on this collar are fantastic. The beep and vibrate features work even better than I expected. Now, when one dog barks and gets a beep from its collar, the other two run away, thinking they might be next. It's funny to watch them silently tree squirrels now, and I'm grateful that their barking doesn't go on for 20 minutes anymore. Lol

Brooklyn C.
Easy to understand. Nice design. Works.

It works. The user-friendly touch screen is a huge bonus. No more barking, which means a quiet home and happy neighbours. Plus, the free delivery was a pleasant surprise

Andrew Cooper
NO more barking!

We are delighted with the B800c dog bark collar! Our dachshund was known for her constant barking. With the adjustable intensity levels, we found the perfect setting for Daisy. Now our neighbours are finally calm!!

Adjustable intensity which I really appreciate

Adjustable intensity levels are a plus, but we've noticed that they're not as effective during our puppy's most stubborn barking episodes. Still, it's a solid choice for dealing with excessive barking.

Paisley Price

So far so good

Owen foster
Good product for the good price!

It works, but I wish the battery life was longer.

Addison Flores
I've wasted so much time for it..

I've tried so many times.. So many attempts.. But it doesn't work for my dog's needs.

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