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Ultrasonic Dog Training and Bark Control Device UB100, Small, Silver Gray

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Product Description

Introduce a new dimension to your pet training with the UB100 Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Device, a compact and efficient tool in stylish silver-gray. This innovative handheld device is a game-changer for pet owners, offering a safe and humane way to guide training without the need for a traditional collar. Suitable for both dogs and cats, this versatile ultrasonic bark control device is an essential tool for any pet household.

Key Product Features:

Ultrasonic Reinforcement: The UB100 utilizes ultrasonic technology to aid your training efforts. Emitting high-frequency sounds, this ultrasonic dog bark control tool captures your pet's attention without any harm or discomfort. Associating this sound with specific commands or behavior corrections can significantly enhance your pet's learning and responsiveness.

Safe for Both Cats and Dogs: Designed with multi-pet households in mind, this ultrasonic bark control device is safe and effective for both cats and dogs. Whether you're aiming to train a playful kitten or an enthusiastic pooch, the UB100 caters to a range of training scenarios.

Handheld and Collar-Free Design: Enjoy the convenience of a handheld training device with the UB100. This collar-free approach allows for straightforward operation and enhanced portability, offering the freedom to conduct training sessions anywhere and at any time.

Adjustable High/Low Frequency: Tailor your training with high and low-frequency options. The UB100 accommodates pets of all sizes, from the tiniest Chihuahua to the most substantial Great Dane, ensuring effective training across the board. The clear frequency indicators aid in selecting and adjusting to the optimal setting for your pet.

Pet-Focused Sound: The ultrasonic sound produced by the UB100 is engineered to be perceptible to pets while remaining virtually inaudible to humans. This feature enables focused training that minimizes distractions and doesn't disturb the peace, ensuring a more productive training environment.

Elevate your pet training regime with the UB100 Dog Bark Control Device. This innovative, collar-free, handheld tool offers a safe, humane, and efficient method to reinforce commands and curb undesired behaviors. With its ultrasonic reinforcement, compatibility with cats and canines, convenience, variable frequency settings, and pet-centric sound, it stands as an invaluable asset for any pet owner aiming for a harmonious home.

Benefit from free shipping with an estimated delivery time of 8-12 days, and embark on a more effective and pleasant training journey with your beloved pet.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Josiah Myers

Such a great design and how it works!


I was worried after I 've bought it, but it works pretty well. I DO see the result!

Good value! User-friendly! Love it!

It is a game changer! This device works a treat. The ultrasonic sound has effectively supported our training efforts. The portable design is convenient, allowing us to train our dog anywhere. Plus, free shipping is a nice bonus!

Works for cats!

We were not sure about training our cats. Everyone says it's almost impossible, but this ultrasonic device has pleasantly surprised us. The animal-centred sound is effective and the portable design makes it easy to use on our feline friends. No more nighttime meowing, which means more sleep for us. FINALLY!

Isaac Morris

The UB100 ultrasonic dog barking training and control device has truly changed our household. The ultrasonic sound strengthens our training efforts and the portable device is very convenient to use. Our dog is getting quieter and our home is more calm. A fantastic solution to the barking problem!!!

Zoey R
I like it!

One of my best purchase!

It seems as a great device.

Our dog's behaviour is improving, but we've noticed that the effectiveness of the device varies depending on his energy level. And we don't like having to change the batteries. I always forget and my wife gets angry .

Aubrey Peterson
This device works and has made a big improvement in my life!

I can't believe what a positive difference this device has made to our dog! Thank you so much!


not bad,works.

Ryan Coleman
I like the concept, but it doesn't work

With my bulldog, I had great expectations for this device. However, despite all my attempts, the device was not effective in taming his barking. In addition, it was frustrating to have to change the batteries frequently. Unfortunately, this device did not work for my pup.

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