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Wireless Dog Fence & Forbidden Area F900Plus - High Precision, Set for 3 Dogs, Secure Up to 1 Acre, Perfect for Homeowners

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Wireless Fence: Features and Functionality


Circular Boundary - up to 1 Acre

Creates a circular shape fencing area with radius from 10 to 120 feet

Works for Multiple Dogs

1 Transmitter connects up to three collars at the same time. Simply buy the respective set or get a additional receiver for second or third dogs. Fits to medium and large pets, with adjustable sizing to fit neck sizes ranging from 6 to 23 inches.

Real-time Distance Tracking
The transmitter displays the exact distance to your pet's real-time position, alerting also users immediately if the dog is trying to leave the boundary.
Correction-Free Reentry
Unlike traditional in-ground fences, our wireless system allows pets to return without warning when they cross the boundary on the way back. Dogs receive warnings only when they try to leave the boundary.
IPX7 Waterproof Dog Collar
The IPX7 waterproof collar is designed to withstand water exposure, ensuring durability and reliability in various weather conditions. This rating means the collar can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes, making it ideal for pets who love to play in the rain or splash in puddles.

3-in-1 Dog Fence, Forbidden Area and Training

This Wireless Dog Fence also offers 2 additional modes - Forbidden Area and Training. Forbidden Area mode allows you to keep the dog away from certain areas you may want - the kitchen, office or kids room etc. Training mode allows you to train the dog using the 3 types of the warning.

Mode 1: Wireless Dog Fence


Mode 2: Forbidden Area


Wireless Dog Fence setup guide

Product Description

Most Accurate Performance - The F900Plus Wireless Dog Fence is a 3-in-1 system that stands out with cutting-edge radar positioning technology, offering the most accurate and reliable boundaries both indoors and outdoors when compared to other wireless fences relying on weaker radio signals.

Fencing Up to 1 Acre - This wireless dog fence can secure an area of up to 1 acre within a circular radius, making it an ideal choice for homeowners. With a radius ranging from 10 to 120 feet from the indoor placement of the transmitter, it offers ample space for your pet to roam safely.

No Digging or Wires to Bury - Setup takes up to 1 hour. Our wireless boundary system offers a hassle-free solution to protect your pets without the need for digging or burying wires.

Real-Time Distance Monitoring - With our system, stay informed about your pet's whereabouts anytime. The transmitter displays the exact distance to your pet's real-time position, alerting you immediately if they approach the boundary.

Additional 3-in-1 Forbidden Area and Training Modes - In Forbidden area mode it creates a circular no-entry zone centered on the transmitter, with a radius of 5 to 15 feet, to deter pets from accessing designated off-limit areas such as the kitchen, baby's room, and home office etc.

Correction-Free Reentry - Unlike traditional in-ground fences, our wireless system allows pets to return without warning when they cross the boundary on the way back.

Portable & Rechargeable - Designed for convenience, our portable system is perfect for camping, vacation homes, or wherever you go. The transmitter lasts over 65 hours on a single charge, while the receiver provides over 24 hours of use.

IPX7 Waterproof Collar, Size Medium to Large - Our waterproof collar ensures comfort and durability for medium and large pets, with adjustable sizing to fit neck sizes ranging from 6 to 23 inches.

asked questions

Have you a question?

What sizes of dogs does the collar fit?

The collar has an adjustable strap that ranges from 6.5 inches to 23 inches, making it suitable for most dogs. While it can fit some extra small dogs, it may be a bit bulky for those under 10 lbs. For extra large dogs, just ensure their neck size is less than 23 inches to achieve a perfect fit. This flexibility ensures comfort and effectiveness for a wide range of dog sizes.
How many dogs can this system handle at once?
You can control up to three dogs simultaneously with this system. Simply choose between 1 or 2 dog sets and purchase an additional receiver for the third dog separately.

How does the real-time distance tracking feature work?

Real-time distance tracking allows you to monitor how far is your dog at any moment directly on the transmitter screen. Additionally, the transmitter alerts users with beeps if the dog attempts to escape the fencing area.
Does the transmitter alert users when the dog attempts to escape?
Yes, the transmitter alerts users when the dog approaches or attempts to cross the boundary. It emits a beeping sound to notify you immediately, helping to ensure your pet's safety and prevent escapes.

How frequently do I need to recharge my Pawious F900Plus and what is the anticipated battery life?

The Transmitter can work up to 65 hours on a single charge, and can operate normally during the charging process. The collar can run for 24-36 hours on a single charge, depending on your dog's attempts to breach the perimeter. It's recommended to remove the collar nightly and charge it overnight to ensure a full battery for the next day.

How does this Forbidden Area mode work, and under what circumstances might it be useful?

The Forbidden Area mode creates a designated no-entry zone for pets, allowing users to establish areas where pets are not permitted. For example, users can designate the kitchen or a baby's room as a forbidden area to prevent pets from entering. When the pet approaches the forbidden zone, the collar emits a warning signal, prompting the pet to retreat. This mode is beneficial for keeping pets away from certain areas where they may cause harm or disruption.
What is included in the package?
The package includes a transmitter with holder, receiver (1 or 2 or 3 depending on the set), belt, charger, 2 pairs of contact points, 25 marking flags, training guide, and instruction manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Chloe B
It appears as a great investment

As a businessman constantly traveling, I needed a reliable solution to keep my three dogs safe. My wife handles most of the day-to-day care, but the dogs escaping was becoming a major stressor for both of us.

These dog fence collars have been a fantastic investment. Installation was straightforward, and the system is user-friendly. Our dogs adapted quickly, and now they stay within the yard without issue. The collars are comfortable for them and durable.

I am honestly pleased with this purchase. It was a great investment.

Daniel Nelson
Love how it works

Great battery life, weatherproof, and effective. However, the initial setup took a bit of time, but it was manageable. The more important that we gain a peace of mind knowing our dogs are safe, and my wife has one less thing to worry about while I’m away. Highly recommend this product

Works for our family

I love the adjustable fit and the weatherproof design, especially since we have a big yard. The battery life is fantastic, and the whole system is easy to maintain. The only downside was the initial cost. However, after comparing with the real fences, it is much cheaper.

Scarlett Hill

Our dogs are full of energy and love to test their boundaries, which used to drive us crazy.

We got the dog fence collar, and it’s been awesome. Setup was easy, and these collars work impressive.



Love how these collars work

Aiden Roberts

This is the perfect solution.

Truly good value! Appreciate it!

As an outdoor family, we love exploring new trails and camping in the wilderness.

However, keeping our furry trio safe while on these adventures became a concern.

That's why our dad, a nature photographer, decided to buy in the F900 Plus GPS collars.

With its reliable boundary control and real-time distance monitoring, they can now embark on their outdoor escapades without any worries, knowing our pets are safe and sound.

Highly recommend it to any outdoor-loving family with multiple canine companions!

Lily Campbell
Don't like the limit with the shape of safe area

This system has been exactly what we need. Setup was easy, and the system works perfectly. Nice design, waterproof. But, I don’t like that it provides only circular area.

Chloe Roberts
The best purchase !

We have three dogs, Bella, Charlie, and Daisy, who bring immense joy to our lives. My wife is a busy attorney, and I am a dedicated doctor, often find ourselves occupied with work, leaving little time to supervise our furry trio. Concerned about our safety, we sought a solution that would provide reliable containment without the hassle of traditional fencing. That's when we discovered the F900 Plus GPS collars. And we didn't regret!!

Nice price!

I appreciate this price for such a good quality! Works pretty well for my area

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