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4 in 1 Dog Bath Brush Pro for Dog Washing, Scrubbing, Massaging & Grooming

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Product Description

Make bath time a breeze for you and your furry friend with the innovative Pawious Dog Brush. This two-in-one marvel combines the convenience of a sprayer and the effectiveness of a scrubber, revolutionizing the way you groom your pet.

Key Features:

  1. Dual-Function Design: Pawious simplifies bath time by integrating a sprayer and scrubber into one ergonomic device. With one hand, effortlessly control water flow while using the other to provide a soothing massage and thorough scrub for your pet.

  2. Customized Grooming: Our durable sprayer boasts a user-friendly one-size-fits-all handle and a two-pressure setting adjustment. Whether your pet needs a gentle touch on sensitive areas or a deeper clean for thicker fur, the Pawious caters to their unique grooming needs.

  3. Indoor and Outdoor Versatility: Equipped with adapters, set up a comfortable grooming station indoors or pamper your pet under the open sky.

  4. Pressure Control for Comfort: Tailor the bathing experience to perfection with the Pawious easy-to-use pressure adjustment. Opt for the gentle LOW setting for delicate areas like the face and ears, or switch to the robust HIGH setting for efficient dirt removal on thicker fur without causing any discomfort.

  5. Premium Quality Materials: Crafted from 100% FDA-grade silicone, the scrubber is tough on dirt but gentle on your pet's skin. The bristles are designed to tackle even the thickest of fur, while the ergonomically shaped handle ensures optimal control during bath time. Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds, the Pawious is an ideal gift for any dog owner.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Henry Adams
I really adore this idea and how it works

This is a game changer! The quality is exceptional and the combination of a sprayer and a scraper in one device is a brilliant idea!!


My only concern is that it's not ideal for my long-haired dog. However, the customer service was quick to assist and provided some helpful tips.

sam T.
It works!

I'm impressed. It is super cool option for saving money. Truly nice product! I can do grooming even inside my flat.

Lily Foster
Highly recommend.

I can't recommend it enough. My dog likes the comfortable grooming process and the adjustable handle and pressure settings are very convenient. A must have!

Jackson Morgan
Great device.

The quality is outstanding and the combination of sprayer and scraper is very clever. The only thing I didn't like is that the pressure adjustment is not as intuitive as I expected. Despite this, it is still a handy device for grooming your dog.

Thank you!

It is very comfortable for my dog Lara, and thanks to the adjustable handle and pressure settings, it is very easy to use. I appreciate this quality for this price.

I like this product.

It makes my dog look so beautiful. The quality is great. I encountered some shipping issues, but customer service was responsive and solved the problem quickly.

Hannah Phillips
Unfortunately, it is not my thing

I had high hopes for this brush, but unfortunately it doesn't meet the needs of my long-haired pup..

Joseph R
Every dog owner needs it!

It's definitely a must-have. My dog is so comfortable that sometimes he falls asleep during this process. All in all, I am delighted!

Love this tool.

Super handy tool. he only drawback is that the pressure settings were a bit confusing at first, but once figured out, it worked well for my dog's grooming needs.

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