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GPS Dog Fence F800 - Radius 33-1000 Yards, Rechargeable, 2 Dogs Set Black + White, Outdoor Use Only

  • Black + Black
  • White + Black
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


No Installation

With no costly installation, our GPS Fence is only a quarter of the price of traditional or underground wire fences.

Waterproof IPX7

With magnetic charging port, F800 can be used in dense conditions without any restrictions.

Settings Memory

Automatically remembers previous session settings. when turn it on again, it will recall the latest center point and radius.

See Our F800 In action

Product Information



Product description

Application Environment

The F800 GPS dog fence serves as our basic model, well-suited for dogs that predominantly stay outdoors. Designed for open spaces and minimal indoor use, this model is ideal for pets with limited indoor activities. It excels in areas without dense foliage or tall structures, ensuring effective performance and accurate tracking for pets with an outdoor lifestyle.

Coverage area

The Pawious F800 can cover a circular range from a minimum radius of 33 yards to a maximum of 1000 yards. This translates to approximately 0.7 acres at the smallest setting and around 650 acres at the largest setting, providing flexibility to customize the fence based on your specific requirements.


When your dog attempts to escape the designated boundary area, this wireless pet fence emits progressively increasing tones, vibration, and/or static stimulation in 6 levels, followed by a 1-minute pause and repeat cycle. If your dog doesn't return, the collar emits a continuous beep until your furry friend is safely back. These enhanced safety features offer maximum security and peace of mind.


SUITABLE FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE DOGS - Our GPS perimeter collar is specifically designed for medium to large breeds. Fit the collar to your dog's neck and cut the excess strap. 
It provides a perfect fit for dogs with a neck size from 9 to 23in. For tiny pets, this product may not be a good fit. 

Measuring Instruction

Wrap a tape measure around the front of your dog’s neck. Tighten so that you can fit just two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog’s neck. You can also measure your dog's current collar. Determine the strap size by matching up your dog’s neck measurement with the collar sizing chart. If your dog is in between sizes, we recommend getting the larger size since you can trim it down to fit your dog. The strap can be adjusted for best fit once you receive your collar.
  • 1500 mAh battery

  • 36-48h on a single charge

1. Black or White Dog Fence Device, or both, depending on your choice
2. Product box
3. Electric shock terminals
4 Test light
5. Charging cable
6. Boundary flags 10 pc
7. Training guide
8. Instruction manual

Accurate GPS Positioning - Our wireless dog fence uses GPS technology for stable and precise positioning, providing greater accuracy than other types of dog fences that can be susceptible to interference from metal or electronic products. The integrated advanced chip further improves accuracy, positioning it as a more dependable and safer choice compared to other wireless containment systems available.

Advanced Safety Features - In the event that your dog breaches the established boundary, our dog boundary shock collar, integrated with the GPS fence, activates. GPS dog fence emits progressively increasing tones, vibration, and/or shock in 6 levels, followed by a 1-minute pause and a repeat cycle. If your dog still hasn't returned, the collar will emit a continuous beep until the dog is back. The collar will stop warnings anytime when the dog returns to the perimeter. Overall, these enhanced safety features are designed to provide maximum security for your beloved pet.

Suitable Usage Environment - Spanning from 99ft to 3280ft in radius (33-1000 yards), our electric dog fence offers customization to fit your desired zone dimensions. While it excels in open outdoor spaces, its use in smaller yards or indoors is not recommended. The GPS accuracy generally remains within 1-2 yards, although denser wooded terrains might see it stretch to around 5 yards. Furthermore, its Waterproof IPX7 design ensures peak performance even in damp conditions.

Simple Setup and Operation - This containment system is incredibly easy to use. With the remote control feature and the collar receiver being the primary components, there's no need for superfluous cables or transmitters. Once the boundary is established on the collar, you're good to go. Plus, the system's memory feature ensures it recalls the last settings for seamless control every time you use it. Still, for maximum efficiency, we advise recalibrating the central point every 4-5 days.

Hassle-Free After-Sales Assistance - Our product comes with a 30-day money-back policy and a warranty. If you have any doubts or concerns about the product, our after-sales service team is always available to assist you. Rest assured that we will do our best to provide a satisfactory solution to any issue you may encounter.


  • The product is intended for outdoor use, because the GPS signal may be weakened indoors
  • Our dog perimeter fence exclusively supports the creation of rounded boundaries, rendering it unsuitable for yards with irregular contours.

    Hear From 
    Our Amazing Clients

    Christi Leija, The Colony, TX

    This high-quality GPS collar is the perfect fit for our needs. Now, Athena can explore safely.

    Curtis Diemer, Longwood, FL

    No more digging and burying cables. It's a user-friendly solution for a safer, happier dog.

    Sophia Alsup, Lehi, UT

    The ease of use and impressive accuracy make this a must-have for any dog owner.

    Kimberly Hryckiewicz, Stafford, VA

    It's a budget-friendly solution with top-notch performance. Our dog has never been happier.

    Jason Card, Temecula, CA

    With a wide coverage area, our dog has plenty of room to roam while we relax.

    Jenny Novak, Hudson, WI

    I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Our dog loves the newfound freedom, and we too.

    Johana Guevara, Monroe, NC

    An amazing addition to our dog's safety setup. It provides freedom with peace of mind.

    Brianna Wagner, H. Lakes, NJ

    We've said goodbye to worries about our dog's safety. The GPS fence is a great investment.


    asked questions

    Have you a question?

    How does the Pawious F800 differ from other "smart" GPS and tracking dog collars?

    The Pawious F800, our entry-level model, is an ideal choice for pet owners residing in open spaces with fewer wooded areas in their yards. Its affordability makes it a perfect solution for those who live in suitable locations. If your dog spends limited time indoors and your property has an open layout, the F800 could be the perfect, budget-friendly choice.

    Do GPS dog fences require a SIM card and monthly subscription payments for their operation?

    No, our GPS dog fences do not require a SIM card or monthly subscriptions. They operate independently, using GPS technology for location tracking and boundary setting. It's a one-time purchase for long-term use.

    Does Pawious F800 use static correction? When is such correction useful?

    The Pawious F800 offers two modes: one with static correction and another without, utilizing only sound and vibration. Even in the static correction mode, the system initiates with sound and vibration, allowing the dog to return before any static correction occurs. Dogs typically learn to respond to the warning sound and return promptly. It's important to note that the static correction is gentle, akin to a tap, designed to draw the dog's attention without causing harm.

    How frequently do I need to recharge my Pawious F800 and what is the anticipated battery life?

    The collar boasts a 36-48 hour runtime on a single 2-3 hour charge, dependent on your dog's boundary-testing activities. We recommend charging it once every two days, ensuring a consistently full battery for optimal functionality.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Avery Donovan
    Thank you!

    You don�t have to bury a wire for it to work! Best idea yet. We have a 35 pound golden doodle and a 24 pound pitbull. Thank you. Great Product!

    good service

    so far, so good. the packaging was nice and the delivery was fast.

    Jude Callahan
    Good and cheap solution, especially comparing with other options.

    I cannot emphasize enough how much these collars have been a lifesaver! I initially discovered these collars through a dog group as a recommendation for country dwellers without fences, and I knew it was precisely what I needed. Fencing 10 acres can be quite costly!
    Now, I no longer stress about my dogs venturing across the road, chasing coyotes, or simply wandering off. After the training sessions, they quickly grasped the boundaries after just two shocks. Consequently, I disabled the shock feature and solely rely on vibration and sound.

    seems okay


    Emily Wilson
    Works gtreat!

    We've got two active pups, Mila and Leo, and this GPS dog fence collars have been game-changers. The GPS signal is spot on, allowing them to explore without us worrying. The setup was a breeze, and the stylish design is a bonus. Highly recommended!

    Cheap and effective solution!

    Awesome and it's much cheaper than installing a traditional fence

    Isabella T

    I'm impressed by the GPS dog fence collar. It's incredibly easy to set up, and the GPS signal is highly accurate. The battery life is great. It's definitely a cost-effective solution for me. LOVE it!

    Logan Robinson
    It's good.

    Not bad.

    5 stars!!

    Our dog, Daisy, is a master escape artist. The GPS dog fence collar has finally put an end to her escapades.We have got one more dog, Mia, that's why we've bought a set. The GPS signal is strong. The sleek design is a nice touch, and the ease of setup was a pleasant surprise. A definite 5-star product!

    Liam Thompson
    Don't waste your time!

    I'm extremely disappointed with these collars. They lose GPS signal constantly, rendering the whole concept ineffective. To make matters worse, one of the collar randomly shocks my dog. I wouldn't recommend this product. At least, customer service was helpful. I return these collars.

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